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Welcome to our Class 5HM 

Welcome to Fabulous 5HM! In Year 5 we immerse ourselves in a rich , diverse curriculum which inspires and engages the children in their learning. On this page we would like to share some of the exciting activities and fantastic learning we have been doing in Year 5.

Easter Bonnets.

Hold on to your Easter Bonnets! We had great fun today designing and making our Easter Bonnets. It was great fun and we looked pretty stylish at the end of the day!

Our Coastal Landscapes.

Inspired by the art work of a local artist , we decided to create pencil drawings of our local area. On each picture we put our own little trademark, can you spot what it is ?

Science Investigation!


There has been a robbery and someone has  eaten all the pies! Luckily the suspects left a trail of  mysterious powder. Using our knowledge of   dissolving and solutions , we conducted an investigation to identify the mystery powders and uncover the thief!


Red Nose Day.


We enjoyed dressing in Red for Red Nose Day and had a great time  completing the Nose and Spoon Race. We designed our own superhero masks to show that Funny is Power.

World Book Day 2022.

Glitz and Glamour came to Sea View as we celebrated our very own Book Oscars. Year 5 nominated David Walliams, "The World's Worst Children", as our ultimate favourite book. We love his humour and the ridiculous characters he creates. Inspired by this we created our own "World's Worst Children", we designed our character, told their story using a Comic strip as well as promoting our character with a book trailer. 

The Red Carpet

Comic Strips.

Working on our Comic Strips

"The Explorer" Katherine Rundell.

We are loving reading our exciting novel "The Explorer" by Katherine Rundell. Using key moments from the story so far we have created our own Book Trailers. Hopefully these will inspire you to read about Fred, Con Lila and Max's adventures in the Amazon rainforest... 

The Explorer

Still image for this video

Adventures in The Amazon

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The Explorer

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We used GarageBand to create our own theme tunes for the book trailers.

Untitled (9).mp4

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Using our knowledge of one point perspective, we created  stunning and dramatic Cityscapes. Our drawings contain a vanishing point which draws the viewer in. We also explored the use of  tones and shading to give our buildings a 3D element.



We had a fantastic time on Friday expressing ourselves by choosing the clothes we wore. We also enjoyed exploring strategies of coping with different emotions.


During internet Safety Day 2022, we discussed what it means to be respectful online. We played a game of "Send or Not Send" and designed recipes giving advice of how to be supportive and respectful online.  

We Are Scientists !

We have been exploring forces in action and have enjoyed conducting investigations exploring air and water resistance.

Even James Bond has heard about our work on friction and set us a secret mission exploring different surfaces .We conducted an investigation and then reported our findings to 007.

Starry Starry Night.

Inspired by Van Gogh's famous painting we explored how we could use brush strokes and colour to create movement in a picture.

Last Transmission Home.

After commanding a failed mission to Mars we found ourselves stranded on the Red Planet. With vital supplies running low we are now left with no other choice but to send a last transmission home in the hope that someone will rescue us.

Transmission 7.mp4

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Last Transmission.mp4

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Last Trasmission 2.mp4

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Last Transmission 3.mp4

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Last Transmission 4.mp4

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Last Tansmission 5.mp4

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Last Transmission 6.mp4

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Van Gogh's Cypress Trees.

Exploring colour and texture we used the same techniques as Van Gogh to create our own version of his famous Cypress Trees.

Children in Need.

Van Gogh's Sunflowers.

Using Chalk pastels we created dazzling drawings of Van Gogh's Sunflowers.


The Phases of The Moon.

Do you know your Waxing Gibbous from your Waning Crescent?

We had great fun exploring the phases of the Moon with a little help from Oreo biscuits.

Hello Yellow 2021

As part of Hello Yellow 2021, we looked at the book Sky Colour. This vivid and imaginative text explores the therapeutic and relaxing nature of painting. This ties in with themes of mental health. Over the course of the day, we created dream trees using a variety of different artistic techniques. The children loved doing this and I'm sure you will agree the results are tremendous!

Inspired by different pieces of music we designed our own emoji to reflect the feelings expressed in the music.

Sky Color by Peter H Reynolds

What color is the sky? Marisol thinks it is something other than blue. Written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.

The Night Bus Hero

We are loving reading the exciting new novel by Onjali Q Rauf, "The Night Bus Hero".

Following the mysterious disappearance of the statue of Paddington ,from Paddington Station, we designed missing posters to help catch the thief.

As Hector, the main character in the story, we designed and created diaries inspired by his actions and behaviour.

After witnessing the theft of Eros' Bow, we wrote eye witness accounts describing the theft through the eyes of Hector.

Inspired by the landmarks described in "The Night Bus Hero", we conducted research and produced our own travel guides describing the famous land marks of London.

I Really Want To Shout!


Inspired by this fabulous picture book by Simon Philip and Lucia Gaggiotti ,as part of a PSCHE themed week, we explored strategies to help the little girl control her emotions. We had huge fun designing monsters to help control our inner feelings.

We create Guide Books offering advice on how to tame your inner Monster.

We sent emails offering advice on what to do when you really want to shout...

We also designed Board Games sending you to jail if you shout !

Our Amazing Work.


Over the past few weeks we have been enjoying working with a gymnastic coach, exploring movement across different apparatus. Check out our fantastic skills.


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Reading Plus

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Key Instant Recall Facts for Maths


These are the key instant recall facts for maths in Year 5.


  • Reception 90.44
  • Year 1 96.44
  • Year 2 93.88
  • Year 3 94.79
  • Year 4 93.75
  • Year 5 93.75
  • Year 6 92.36
  • Whole School:


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