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Year 5 HM

Welcome to our Class 5HM 

Welcome to Fabulous 5HM! In Year 5 we immerse ourselves in a rich , diverse curriculum which inspires and engages the children in their learning. On this page we would like to share some of the exciting activities and fantastic learning we have been doing in Year 5.

5HM 2023-2024

Fabulous 5HM


Durham Cathedral 


What an amazing experience! In the presence of the King's Representative of the Lord Lieutenant of Durham, we performed in Durham Cathedral as part of a South Tyneside Choir.

Our songs echoed through the cathedral and delivered a message of how we can make a difference to our world. We had a wonderful day, it was an experience we shall never forget.


Titanic - The Ship of Dreams.

 We have set sail and embarked on a wonderful adventure onboard the magnificent Titanic . Inspired by the diary of Violet Jessop , a stewardess on the Titanic. We followed her on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic  and experienced that fateful night when she struck an iceberg.

We conducted research and worked collaboratively to present it in an interesting way.

We wrote postcards describing life onboard the Titanic.

We produced artwork inspired by the Titanic.

We wrote and performed diary extracts describing the final moments of Titanic.

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Last Transmission Home.


Using a greenscreen we edited and recorded our powerful and emotive speeches sending our final transmission home after a failed mission to Mars.

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Van Gogh's Cypress Trees.


Inspired by Van Gogh's famous Cypress Trees painting, we used oil pastels to try and create movement and texture in our drawings. I think you will agree the results are stunning!

Suffragette Speeches.

Votes for Women!

Inspired by the heroic efforts of the suffragettes we wrote and performed powerful and emotive speeches, joining the campaign and following in the footsteps of Emmeline Pankhurst.


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Anti -Bullying Week 2023

To Make A Noise about Bullying we decided to compose and perform our very own anti-bullying Rap!


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Basketball Workshop!

Today we had an amazing session with Paul Sturgess who played for the Harlem Globetrotters and is the tallest basketball player in the world!


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STEM - Mathematicians

 Today we explored the career of a mathematician through the wonderful world of self-similar shapes called fractals.  We explored repeating patterns in maths and in nature and discovered that the core skills of being a great mathematician are being curious, creative and having a good understanding of logic.


Spike Lego Coding.

Mrs Hayward, from The Word, came into school today to teach us all about coding. We created our own Lego models . We created a light sensor and a hopper robot. As a challenge we refined our designs and had a race to see which team were the most successful.


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Changing Role of Women in History.

Year 5 this term are studying the changing role of women throughout history. We have, so far, looked at a chronological timeline of how women's roles and status has evolved and changed throughout history.


Our first challenge was to use primary and secondary sources to conduct research about significant women in the 18th and 19th Century . We conducted research before presenting our research in an interesting way. Working as a team we were each given role and shared our findings through mini presentations.


Visit from our Local MP!

Today we had an important visitor in school, our local MP, Emma Lewell-Buck. We held our very own Prime's Minister's Debate in which we discovered what life is like for an MP. We also were given the opportunity to express our pupil voice by asking a range of probing questions and taking part in debating both global and local issues. These ranged from deforestation in Brazil, the cost of living crisis, the war in the Ukraine to local issues such as the number of litter bins in South Shields and the number of homeless people living in South Shields.


I Really Want To Shout!



Inspired by this fabulous picture book by Simon Philip and Lucia Gaggiotti ,as part of a PSCHE themed week, we explored strategies to help the little girl control her emotions. We had huge fun designing monsters to help control our inner feelings.


We also wrote emails offering the girl in the story advice on what to do when she really wants to shout !

A trip to The Coast.

As part of our trip we visited the construction site of the new coast road realignment. We were given a challenge to design a structure that would hold a cup of water. We were then given a tour of the site to study the environmental impact of coastal erosion.

We stopped off for some lunch and a bit of sketching...

We headed down to the beach to explore the features of coastal erosion and to do some stone skimming.

Crisp Packet  Foil Blankets for the Homeless.

Inspired by the novel, "The Night Bus Hero", we have been collecting crisp packets to make foil blankets for the homeless. A visitor came in today to help use transform the crisp packets into blankets which can be used to help the homeless. Once we started there was no stopping us. We set up teams who cut, washed, dried and ironed the packets together. We felt like we were really making a difference, helping others.

The King's Coronation.

We have had a fabulous day celebrating the coronation of King Charles III. We made our own sandwiches and decorated our party bags . We  loved the whole school conga and despite the weather had a lovely afternoon. 

The King's Pants

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Inspired by the book "The King's Pants", we wrote and performed an exclusive report for Newsround.

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We designed some special pants for the King...

Make Someone Laugh.

To celebrate Red Nose Day 2023 we, as a class, voted on the three best jokes and performed them in the Sea View Comedy Club. Sit back and enjoy the show...


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World Book Day


Transforming ourseleves into book characters...

Can you guess who we are ?

As part of Mental Health Week , we had visitors who spoke to us about the importance of speaking out and sharing or worries and concerns. We took part in an exciting workshop and met Buddy a great character who offered us great advice.

On Safer Internet Day we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of online chat and our positive and negative experiences on social media. We then used this to design and create posters offering advice on what to do if you have a negative experience online.

Balloon Rocket Science.

Whilst studying the effects of air resistance ,we designed our own investigation to identify how we could increase the speed and distance of our balloon rockets. Like true scientists, we had a few failed attempts and needed to refine our designs to be successful in our mission.

Nustem : Beneath The Ice.

We had a fabulous morning exploring what lies underneath the ice in Antarctica. Some of the ice at its core is over 400,000 years old!


We studied the work of scientists and how the ice can share hidden secrets about our past.

The World Cup 2022.

You are the Manager of your National Team.

You  have reached the final of the the biggest
competition in your sport but the first half has not
gone well. You enter half time and are 1-0 down.
What will you say to your team to motivate them to
go back out there with confidence and win the



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It's half time and our team are losing 1-0 in a crucial World Cup match. Using the green screen we recorded our thoughts and feelings as we prepare for the second half.

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Children In Need.

We had an amazing day celebrating Children in Need.

Looking fabulous in our outfits, we designed some amazing Pudsey T'shirts.


We started the day with a touch of magic to help us master flying a broomstick. Some of us were more successful than others but a great time was had by all!

We then had a drawing competition to see who could create the best pop up skeleton...

We then had a crafty afternoon in which we created our our Witches Halloween Wreaths.

Jumping In Space.

Whilst investigating the levels of gravity on different planets we decided to conduct a Science investigation investigating how the gravitational pull of a planet can affect how high we can jump. Using a complex mathematical formula we took our measurements on earth and then using our knowledge of the varying gravities on other planets worked out how high we could jump. It was great fun!





 We then presented our finding in a bar chart discovering how high we could jump on each planet.

The Night Bus Hero.

We are loving reading our class novel, "The Night Bus Hero" , by Onjali Q. Rauf. Inspired by the chapter in which the  bronze statue of Paddington Bear is stolen from Paddington Station, in order to help the police with their enquiries, we designed our own missing posters in attempt to catch the thief and safely return the statue to its rightful home.

Aaaarrgghh! Spider!

All Spider wants is to be a family pet. But the family whose house he lives in are terrified of him. Whenever he tries to show them what a great pet he would make, they simply cry, 'Aaaarrgghh, Spider!'. We explored themes of tolerance and misunderstanding and the fundamental fact that you should never judge a book by its cover..

Inspired by the story we wrote emails offering advice to try and persuade the family that spiders are friendly, helpful creatures not to be feared. We explored all the excellent and unique qualities spiders have in order to persuade the family to change their mind.