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Year 1 HC

Welcome to 1HC!

In Year 1 we explore the broad range of areas the National Curriculum offers. This includes English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Computing, RE, PE, Music, PHSE, Design and Technology and Art.

1HC 2023-2024

Generation Wild at Washington Wetlands

We were lucky to get the opportunity to attend Washington Wetlands as part of their Generation Wild programme which aims to get children more involved with nature. 


Before visiting Washington Wetlands we read a story about Ava who found a huge nest at the wetlands. The children were excited to meet Ava on the day, who set us the challenge of becoming guardians of the wild. We took part in lots of tasks throughout the day, including making a birds nest and listening to and identifying the birds. 


We ended our day playing in the park. The children had so much fun!

Significant Explorers

This half term we have learnt all about significant explorers. We started our topic off by following an orienteering course around our school grounds to find out information about each of the explorers. 


We were alerted to an incident in the court yard so we decided to go and investigate. When we arrived we found lots of clues including a crashed rocket ship, moon rocks and alien footprints!


We later found the story Beegu by Alexis Deacon and the children have loved reading it and finding out more about the character!

Muddy Monsters Spring Term

We had a fun afternoon at Muddy Monsters. We had so much fun exploring, bug hunting, digging and swinging. We also chopped wood for the fire and toasted bread. 

Wild at West Boldon Lodge

Our story this half term is Wild by Emily Hughes.


To help the children fully immerse themselves in the story we visited West Boldon Lodge to experience what it is like to be wild! 


The children spent the day searching for different types of birds, making a bird feeder, building different types of dens, making a wild crown and enjoying a warm hot chocolate with a toasted marshmallow. 

Sea View Shop 

This term we have been learning all about money. We have been learning the value of each coin and we have been using this knowledge to help us make up amounts of money. To put our new learning to the test, we turned our classroom into a shop and the children counted out money to make amounts to buy items from each shop. Their favourite shop was the bakery, where they got to buy a biscuit of their choice! 

Polar Express Day 

Muddy Monsters

The children enjoyed their Muddy Monsters session. They worked collaboratively to build dens of different sizes and then used a range of materials inside the tent for beds. They used the mud kitchen to create lots of meals and then served them to their friends and they used magnifying glasses to look closely at what was around them. 

Three Little Pigs

We have been reading The Three Little Pigs this term and we received a letter from the three little pigs asking us to help them build a wolf proof house. The children worked collaboratively to build their house. We then wrote a set of instructions and sent them to the three little pigs so that they could build their own house!

Rockpool Trip

As part of our Rainbow Fish topic we walked down to the beach and explored the rockpools. We found lots of rockpool creatures including fish, crabs and starfish! The children also learnt interesting facts about their habitats. 

NUSTEM Parent Workshop

The children were excited to take on the role of Naval Architects with Mel from NUSTEM. We then invited parents into school to work alongside the children to design, build and test their own boats.

We are bucket fillers!

In year 1 we are bucket fillers. We read the story 'Have You Filled a Bucket Today' and we talked about what makes us happy in our classroom. The children came up with lovely ideas and we used these ideas to decorate our own buckets. We then added them to our classroom display and the children love to fill each others buckets. 

Science - Labelling Body Parts

We had fun labelling the body parts of our friends.

The Rainbow Fish

Our story this term is The Rainbow Fish, we collected nouns and adjectives and then used these to construct some fabulous sentences!

Representing Numbers

We enjoyed taking our maths learning outside. We had to listen for a number and then collect the right amount of objects. We then used a range of natural resources and maths resources to represent the number in many different ways. 

Welcome to Year 1 2022-23

Make Someone Laugh.


To celebrate Red Nose Day 2023 we, as a class, voted on the three best jokes and performed them in the Sea View Comedy Club. Sit back and enjoy the show...




Still image for this video

Geography Beach Trip

As part of National Fieldwork Fortnight we walked to the beach and completed a traffic survey. After we completed our geography work we had lots of fun on the beach! 

Forest School

The children had a fabulous time at forest school. We started by learning how to safely start the fire and then we toasted our marshmallows. We then went on a bug hunt and found some creatures we had never seen before! The children then had some exploring time where they chose to look for worms, make mud pies and climb across the obstacle course. 

West Boldon Lodge

We had a fantastic day at West Boldon Lodge. We started our day making a plant pot out of newspaper and then planting a seed in it. We then used clay, soil and seeds to make a seed bomb, which we then through out into the forest to allow new plants to grow. We then looked at and labelled the parts of plants and trees.


In the afternoon we went pond dipping and chopped our own wood to use on the fire. We finished off our day with toasted marshmallows. 

Geography Coastal Walk

To help us understand North, East, South and West we took a walk to the coast where the children played games to help them understand each direction. We also drew what human or physical feature we could see in each direction. The children had so much fun!

 Christmas Party 2022

What a lovely party we have had this afternoon, the children danced and played games. We even had a surprise visit from Santa!

Proud Work

The children were so proud of their work they wanted to share it with you all.


We took part in a Naval Architect workshop with Mel from NUSTEM

Autumn Walk

As part of our science curriculum we look closely at seasonal changes. Children have enjoyed going on Autumn walks at home and bringing in signs of autumn they have found. 


This week we went outside with the iPad's and the children took photos of the signs of autumn they could spot.


We spotted; berries, blackberries, pinecones, pumpkins and colourful leaves falling from trees. 

Three Little Pigs Crime Scene!

The children entered our classroom after play and discovered a crime scene!

In the classroom we found straw, bricks, sticks and claw marks. The children took on the role of detectives and used the clues to help them predict who might have been in our classroom.


We then found the story of The Three Little Pigs.


The next day we were provided with a CCTV image which showed the children who was found sneaking around our year 1 bay. The children used these images to describe the wolf and made a wanted poster!

Friendship Potion

After we finished reading our story The Rainbow Fish we decided to make a friendship potion to help others be a good friend like the rainbow fish. 


We came up with the ingredients for what would make a good friend and then chose how much to put into our potion e.g. a sprinkle of, a dash of.


The children knew lots of qualities of good friends and could talk about when they had been a good friend too.

Outdoor Maths!

The children enjoyed heading outside for their maths lesson where we introduced them to some new maths signs. The children used natural resources to compare amounts using the greater than, less than and equal to sign. 

Sense Detectives!

During Science the children had to become sense detectives to solve the mystery of the missing Rainbow Fish.


What fabulous detectives we all are!

Muddy Monsters

Children had a visit from Muddy Monsters where they were encouraged to explore, create and investigate. 


The children were eager to use the environment and natural resources around them.


They had so much fun and used their initiative, team work, perseverance and creative skills to learn and explore in our natural environment.

The Aquarium 

We have been reading the story 'The Rainbow Fish' so we took a trip to the aquarium to learn more about the fish and their habitats. The children loved looking at the different fish and learning all about them.


World Book Day

In our 3D shape lesson, the children were asked to make a "train" of shapes. They had to find the correct shapes, name them to their partner and put them into a line. Then their partner had to see if they could rearrange the shapes, again naming them as they worked. We have some very creative children in our class!!

NUSTEM visited to teach us all about Naval Architecture.

The Three Little Pigs

In literacy we have used the traditional tale of The Three Little Pigs to explore story writing.

[Special Effects] The Rainbow Fish | Read Aloud Books for Children

We have been reading The Rainbow Fish in our literacy lessons this term. We have used the story to help develop our phonics and writing skills.

The Color Monster - Read Aloud by Mr. Joshua Brooks

We explored the story of the Colour Monster to help us understand our feelings in Year 1.


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