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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework is a government document that all schools and Ofsted-registered early years providers in England must follow. It sets standards for the learning, development and care of your child from birth to 5 years old. The standards ensure your child will learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe.


What Will My Child Be Learning?

The EYFS framework outlines seven areas of learning and development and educational programmes. There are three prime areas of learning, which are particularly important for your child’s development and future learning:


Communication and Language, Personal Social and Emotional Development and Physical Development.


There are four specific areas of learning, through which the prime areas are strengthened and applied:

Literacy, Maths, Understanding the world and Expressive Arts and Design.


Early years practitioners also use your child’s needs and interests to plan challenging and enjoyable activities and experiences.


How Will My Child Be Learning?

The EYFS framework identifies the essential role of play in your child’s development. Our curriculum provides opportunities for abundant free-flow child-led play, where children can push their own boundaries, develop reasoning skills, make decisions, release stress and work through difficult emotions exercising control which is essential for self-regulation. This is therefore the cornerstone of our curriculum. It is through both child-led play and play guided by an adult that your child will develop confidence and relationships with others. Through play, EYFS practitioners will help your child to extend their vocabulary and develop their communication skills. The EYFS framework identifies three characteristics of effective teaching and learning:


Playing and exploring, Active learning and Creating and thinking critically.


A greater focus on teaching specific skills will occur as your child progresses through their reception year, which will help them to prepare for year one.

Our Nursery Year 2023-2024

We had fun being back to school after the Easter holiday and exploring our classroom and all of it's new furniture and resources

We had great fun with Phil from 'Muddy Monsters'. He showed us how to be careful around the fire that he lit, we could feel the heat from a safe distance. We enjoyed lots of other outdoor experiences like using the mud kitchen, hanging and pulling ourselves up on the outdoor gym, painting with mud, swinging in the hammock and digging and exploring in the woodland.

We had an amazing attendance for our playdough workshop. We made no-cook playdough and cloud dough with our grown-ups - getting very messy in the process! We also showed our grown-ups how we do 'Disco dough', which helps to strengthen our hands and fingers, ready for mark-making.

Funny faces for Red nose day

We have been creating activities to support children's understanding the world and physical development, specifically using their senses and exploring nature as the children create images and models to support their understanding of the effects of changing seasons, while they learn new words related to Spring.


We shared the story, 'Jasper's beanstalk' and we talked about how plants grow and what we might find at the top of the beanstalk. We planted our own beans and we cannot wait to see how they grow!

Bean Time-Lapse - 25 days | Soil cross section

Kidney bean time lapse with soil cross section. Showing how roots ant upper part of plant grows. Play speed - 17280x (one shot every 9 minutes 36 seconds played at 30 FPS). This was fourth attempt. During other attempts roots grew hidden, further from the glass.

We painted pictures of daffodils and primulas. We looked closely at the colours of the petals and the shapes of the leaves.

We made spring gardens.

We made trees that were starting to grow new leaves and blossom. We used real leaves and flowers and talked about how they feel smell and look like

We used daisies and green playdough to copy subitising patterns.

We enjoyed celebrating Chinese new year - the year of the dragon! We did our own Chinese writing, made Chinese lanterns, money wallets and Chinese cherry blossom. We also celebrated by playing instruments, dancing in the hall and doing a parade through school.

Bertie Owl helped us to talk about celebrating the New Year. We wore party hats and had party blowers. We talked about how we had all celebrated the arrival of the new year and that last year it was 2023 and this year is now 2024.

We did the countdown together and blew the party blowers and wished each other a Happy New Year!

We then had our own New Year tea party and made new year's resolutions

New Year Countdown - 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 - Happy New Year!

Still image for this video

Nursery Rhyme Week


Nursery rhymes are important in early years to help children to develop key developmental skills.

They are a powerful learning source in early literacy and enable children to become interested in rhythm and patterns of language.

Rhymes support language and communication skills, build confidence and prepare children for reading and writing as they get older.

We had lots of different rhyme activities this week - we made salt dough currant buns; planted flowers like 'Mary Mary, quite contrary' ; used the farm animals to sing 'Old Macdonald had a farm', using the Makaton signs for the animals and counted the 'speckled frogs' - we even found a speckled frog in our yard!

We went to play outside in our yard and found poor Humpty Dumpty cracked open on the floor next to a wall. Did he fall, or was he pushed?! This was a crime scene! We dusted for fingerprints and looked for footprints with Mrs Weightman and then discovered a clue...

We did lots of Humpty Dumpty themed activities. We built sturdy, strong walls for him to sit on, made salt a dough Humpty Dumpty and did a scientific experiment to find out which material would protect and egg most effectively.

To finish our nursery rhyme week, we invited parents into school to make puppets and resources to support our singing of the rhymes.

To start off anti-bullying week, we took part in odd sock day, highlighting our uniqueness - we are all different, all special!

We have been celebrating Diwali in lots of creative ways in nursery. We made firework pictures, made Mehndi designs, diva lamps and rangoli patterns. Diwali is the Hindu festival of light and symbolises the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

We lit our Diva lamps, looking at the lights, shining in our dark classroom.

Our Nursery year 2022-2023

Eco Beaver


We had our annual visit from Mrs Beaver and she took us on a climb up Wish tree mountain, we wrote our wishes on a star and hung them on the wishing tree.
We danced with our silk scarves to waft the wishes into the sky.
We then made a beaver colony, played 5 little speckled frogs, decorated biscuits, dressed up and made lemonade!

We enjoyed having our grown-ups in school for our nursery rhyme workshop. We learned about the importance of nursery rhymes for our language skills and made lots of props to help us to sing our rhymes.

We also shared some yummy hot cross buns 

We had a fantastic day with Phil from 'Muddy Monsters'! 😃


We used the mud for mixing in pans and making artwork

We enjoyed exploring the natural environment and finding our way through the bushes and trees

We had fun sharing the hammock and taking turns to swing each other

We went on a bear hunt journey with Phil, travelling through each part of the story, including the thick oozy mud and stumble tripping through the big, dark forest

Hansel & Gretel


We gathered together to plan what we needed to make a gingerbread house for our role-play area and then got busy making the sweet decorations - spiral lollies, giant colourful smarties and candy canes.

We enjoyed using the gingerbread cottage role play area

We made story maps and followed the trail

We had lovely ginger smelling playdough to make gingerbread men with

We used sweets and jars for counting and writing number sentences

We had fun celebrating Chinese New Year 😃

We enjoyed sharing the Chinese role-play area with our friends, writing down the orders from the menu and trying to pick up the string noodles with the chopsticks.

We matched objects of lucky colours - red and gold - to the numerals

We have decorated the classroom with our Chinese crafts

Waiting to try the noodles and prawn crackers

Playdough workshop

We had a great day with our grown ups, making 'no cook' playdough and 'cloud dough' in our playdough workshop. We followed the recipes and then showed our grown ups how we do disco dough, to strengthen our hands, ready for writing 😃

Anti-bullying week

As part of anti-bullying week, we wore odd socks to school today. We wore them in celebration of our individuality - everyone is different and everyone is equal

We enjoyed our Kalma yoga class with Vicky as part of anti-bullying week. We met Kalma Koala, who looked a little different to how koalas usually look, but we know that it's ok to be different. Vicky told us about how finding the quiet inside ourselves and being calm can help us to be kind ♥️

We finished the session calmly, with one hand on our chest and one on our tummy as we closed our eyes and concentrated on our breathing

Still image for this video

We raised lots of money for Children in Need - and had fun at the same time!

Halloween learning


We wrote our potion recipes and made them in the water area

We drew pumpkin faces and squashed and squeezed the spooky green playdough

We practised our fine motor skills by tapping golf tees into the pumpkins

We did some cauldron counting - matching the spooky creatures to the numeral



We learned about the time of year, called Harvest. We looked at the different vegetables brought into school and then enjoyed welcoming our grown ups in to share the soup that we made.

September 2022

Science Week cool

Our science focus was on the continent of Antarctica.

We learned that it was the coldest place on Earth - even colder than the North Pole!

Antarctica has 90% of the total ice on Earth. 

It is a cold desert, as it hardly ever rains or snows and the ice is 1 - 3 miles thick!

Antarctica has only 2 seasons, Winter and Summer, where we have 4 seasons, winds can reach up to 200mph - brrrr!

No humans live there, but lots of scientists visit to study the landscape and animals.

There are seals, killer whales and lots of different types of penguins living there.

We have found out lots of facts and have done some fun activities, we love science!

We made habitats for the penguins using sugar cubes, icy blue playdough and printed igloos with paint.

We used coloured ice-cubes for colour mixing, guessing what colour the different combinations of ice cube would make

We used coloured ice to 'paint' with, it felt so cold and melted in our warm hands

We even investigated 'Antarctic ice' in the outdoor area