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Year 2 JF

Welcome to class 2JF!


In Year 2 we explore a broad and complex curriculum that inspires us to think creatively, write with passion and interest and solve mathematical problems. Take a look at what we've been up to recently...

2JF 2023-2024

Welcome to Year 2

Science - Hygiene and Germs

We explored how germs are spread through contact with others using glitter.  We thought about why germs spread so easily and how their microscopic size makes it impossible for us to see them.  


We shook hands with our friends and spread the glitter germs around before experimenting with different washing techniques to find that soap and warm water remove the most germs.  

The Great North Museum 

We loved visiting the Great North Museum as part of our History topic.  We explored the universe in the planetarium and completed activities about fossils with the Museum's Gallery Technicians.  We ended our day by spending some time in the galleries with our sketchbooks completing a number of observational drawings.  

Paul Sturgess

We loved meeting England's tallest man and the world's tallest basketball player, Paul Sturgess. After finding out all about his life and how he turned his differences into a successful career in basketball we then enjoyed a coaching workshop with him. We developed our team skills and dribbling skills when playing relay games. 


We have settled in to our busy timetable in Year 2 and have been exploring our rich topics across the curriculum.  Take a look what we've been up to so far...

Souter Lighthouse Visit


We had the pleasure of visiting Souter Lighthouse and learning about it's history and importance to our local area.  Our fabulous tour guides showed us around the lighthouse and cottages and explained what life would have been like for a lighthouse keeper.


We really enjoyed creating our own electric circuit lighthouses using craft materials, wires, lightbulbs and batteries. 

Make Someone Laugh.

To celebrate Red Nose Day 2023 we, as a class, voted on the three best jokes and performed them in the Sea View Comedy Club. Sit back and enjoy the show...


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NUSTEM Visitor - Botany Workshop

We were very lucky to have a visitor from Northumbria University's NUSTEM outreach program.  Mel taught us all about being a botanist (Plant Scientist) and the attributes we would need to develop to be great at this job (curious, patient and observant).


We loved exploring Venus Fly Trap's and learnt all about the carnivorous plant's unique structure.  We made observational drawing from above and then used magnifying glasses to draw detailed aspects of the structure. 


We finished our workshop by making our own pop up Venus Fly Trap with its own fly to catch!

Observational Drawing

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Dragons in South Shields

We loved exploring our book 'When the dragons came' by Naomi Kefford and even had our own experience of dragons arriving at Sea View.  They left behind a set of instructions and 2 precious eggs but one weekend they hatched!  Take a look at some of our newspaper articles about the events!

Exploring Multiplication Through Literacy

We used the book 100 Hungry Ants to help stimulate an investigation into arrays and multiplication.  We used 20 ants to find all of the ways we could sort them into equal rows, or an array, and then recorded the repeated additions we found.

Visit to the Hancock Museum

We loved exploring the many interesting exhibitions on at the Hancock Museum. After learning all about the life and work of Mary Anning we particularly enjoyed exploring the fossils and dinosaurs exhibition in the main hall.  We hunted for the names of artefacts to match each letter of the alphabet, made observational drawings of the animals and artefacts and shared stories about dinosaurs using the Museum's educational resource packs.  We had an absolute blast!

Jackson Pollock


We have loved exploring the work of Jackson Pollock in art.  We used his unique drip painting technique to create our own versions of his work and selected appropriate colours to represent the seasons.  

Muddy Monsters


We loved exploring forest school with Phil and his Muddy Monsters.  We used our great observational skills to look closely at the outdoor environment; foraged for berries and leaves to grind into paints and use for collages, got messy baking in the mud kitchen and chilled in the cosy hammock.  We had the best time!  We even recreated art by our focus artist (Jackson Pollock) using cloth sheets and mud paint...

Chilling in our hammock

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Ollie recreating Jackson Pollock

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Paper Bag Princess


We loved exploring the messages in Paper Bag Princess during our Thrive PSHE week.  We designed comic strips exploring how the story could have ended if the characters were kind and respectful, we created our own Paper Bag Princesses and Princes and we made royal pledges to help us become better friends.


William Morris 

We are currently learning about the life and work of William Morris and have created our own artwork in the style of this famous artist and manufacturer.


We used our observational skills to replicate flowers, leaves and vines before using oil pastel to bring them to life.

Selfie Magic

In computing we have been exploring photography.  We have learnt the difference between landscape and portrait and can say which would be best to use depending on what we are photographing.  We edited pictures by changing the contrast, light, hue and saturation and even applied some filters.  Finally we brought all of our skills together to take the perfect selfies and edited them to match our personalities! 


Take a look...

The Sea View World Record For The Longest CurlyWurly!

We investigated how we can change different materials by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.  We found some materials could be changed and would return to their original state, however, some materials were left permanently changed.


We used our knowledge of changing materials to break a Sea View Curly Wurly Record.


We worked collaboratively to see who could stretch their CurlyWurly the longest!  We had 2 stand out teams...


Jasmine and Riley managed to stretch theirs 84cm long.


with a record 87cm long CurlyWurly Harry and Alannah snatched the title!


Maths - Fractions

We explored the fractions of half and quarters using 2D shapes.  We found different ways to show each fraction on the same shape by folding it in different ways.  We discovered some 2D shapes, such as the triangle, can't be folded into quarters.  

Mary Anning - Fossil Hunter

We explored the history of Mary Anning and her work of great scientific importance.  Did you know she was the first person to discover a complete dinosaur fossil? Nor did a lot of people as many male scientists took credit for her finds for many years.  We spent the afternoon creating our very own dinosaur fossils using a mould and plaster of Paris! It was great fun.

STEM visitors from Newcastle University

We have loved exploring all of the qualities needed to be a successful systems engineer.  We built marble runs and had to employ the qualities of resilience, working collaboratively and imaginative.  


We loved testing our marble runs and find creative ways to make them work!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Design & Technology - Healthy Wraps

In DT this term we designed our own healthy wraps.  We taste tested lots of ingredients and used our scientific knowledge to help us make healthy choices.  Then we designed and created our own wraps, which we enjoyed eating just as much!  Finally we reviewed our creations and thought about changes we could make in the future.

The Day the Dragons Came

Dragon Investigation

We have loved exploring number using our story as a stimulus for our Math investigation.  We used cubes to explore different ways to share a number and recorded the addition sentence to show our results.


We worked systematically to find all of the possible combinations and had great fun doing it.

Significant People and Events in History

We have loved exploring the rich and varied curriculum in Year 2.  It has kept us on our toes since we started.  We really loved learning about significant people and events in history and enjoyed learning about the moon landing in 1969.

Science - Animals including Humans 

We have loved the practical aspects of our Science curriculum in Year 2 so far.  We have been looking at animals and their offspring; using our observational skills to categorise them by their properties and even comparing those animals that look like their offspring and those that do not.



This week we enjoyed learning about the importance of exercise when living a healthy lifestyle.  We thought about how different exercises used different muscles and why these parts of our body are important in everyday life.  Then we made some posters for Change 4 LIFE about the benefits of exercising.

Fantastic Mr Fox

In our reading groups some of us have been exploring the text Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. We have really impressed all of the grown ups with our brilliant reading and understanding of the unusual and complex language. 


We enjoyed exploring our PSHE book, The Huey's in the New Jumper by Oliver Jeffers, and thought about the ways being different can be positive.  We designed our own Huey's to reflect our unique personalities and I'm sure you'll agree they are all pretty awesome!  Why not share the story with your children at home.


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Key Instant Recall Facts for Maths


These are the key instant recall facts for Mathematics in Year 2.


  • Reception 92.35
  • Year 1 93.09
  • Year 2 93.32
  • Year 3 94.44
  • Year 4 92.86
  • Year 5 94.34
  • Year 6 93.09
  • Whole School:


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