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Medication Policy

Medication If your child requires medication for a medical condition then please ring us and arrange a meeting.


We will only consider the administration of prescription medication that has been prescribed by a health professional. We will not accept or administer any non-prescription medicines in school.

We do not expect parents to ask staff to administer medication unless it is absolutely essential.


Where clinically possible, medicines should be prescribed in dose frequencies which enable them to be taken outside of school hours.

If your child is acutely unwell they should be kept at home.


What you should do if your child needs medication during school hours?

• Contact school to discuss your child’s needs with our staff.

• Complete relevant medication documentation and sign consent forms.

• Deliver medication in person to identified member of staff.

• Present medication to us in original pharmacy packaging with the label stating pupils name, address, dosage and treatment regime.

• Keep us notified and up to date with any changes in circumstances. What we will do

• Discuss requirements and decide if we will accept the medication request.

• If required, conduct a risk assessment to consider the viability of your request.

• For long term medication we will meet with you to prepare a care plan including meeting with any other health professionals.

• Seek to provide relevant staff with any necessary training that may be required.

• Check that medication is in an original container direct from the pharmacy and contains all of the necessary information on the label. If this is not accurate or legible we will not accept the medication.

• We will ensure that medicine is kept safely and securely in appropriate storage facilities that can only be accessed by appropriate staff members.

• We will only accept reasonable quantities of medicine at any one time.

• Record receipt of the medication in the school’s medication register.

• Maintain clear and concise records that detail all administration of medication.

• Inform you of any issues regarding the medication, we will not force any child to accept medication if they choose to refuse it.

• We will return any unused medicine to you for safe disposal at a community pharmacy.

• Update care plans on a regular basis.

• Retain all records in case it is needed for future reference.


Please Note

There is no legal or contractual duty for us to administer medicines or supervise pupils taking their medicine. Nevertheless we wish to support all of our pupils where we can.


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