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At Sea View Primary we aspire to high standards of attendance from all pupils and parents and build a culture where all can, want to, be in school and ready to learn by prioritising attendance improvement across the school.

School offers a range of awards for positive or improved attendance such as –

  • Attendance ball system where, every child who has 100% attendance are entered into a prize draw, and one student from each class will receive a prize. We also have a class incentive – where the class with the highest overall attendance each week, receives £5 in their class pot to spend on something positive at the end of each term.
  • Monthly attendance cup – class with the highest overall attendance for the month will receive the cup and ‘Champ’ the teddy to stay in their class and they are rewarded with a movie/popcorn afternoon.
  • Students with 100% attendance each half term are presented with a certificate to take home.
  • Termly prizes for children with 100% attendance.
  • Students with 100% attendance overall each year receive a certificate and a £15 Amazon voucher.


We rigorously use attendance data to identify patterns of poor attendance (at individual and cohort level) as soon as possible so all parties can work together to resolve them before they become entrenched.

Attendance Monitoring  

Each week the attendance team meet to monitor and discuss reasons for absence. If a child’s attendance drops below 90% they are classed as persistent absentees as set by the LA guidelines. If your child drops into this category, you will be informed via a letter. If your child’s attendance improves, a positive postcard will be sent home in recognition of this.

Child-led monitoring

  • Students in upper school (Y4, Y5 and Y6) record their overall attendance each week to encourage students to take ownership of their own attendance. This is recorded on a sheet, where the children colour code their attendance (100-96% = green, 95-90% = amber and below 90% red) Where a child drops below 70% they are put on an internal attendance monitoring card where the child meets with the attendance manager weekly to discuss reasons for their absence and discuss strategies to improve. The child receives a reward each week if their attendance improves.
  • Our attendance manager carries out attendance spot checks with upper KS2 so that children have an understanding of their attendance and can say what their attendance is overall.

Listen and understand 

When patterns are identified, we endeavour to arrange meetings with pupils and parents to understand barriers to attendance and agree how all partner can work together to resolve them.


Facilitate support 

We aim to remove barriers in school and help pupils and parents access the support they need to overcome the barriers outside of school. This might include an early help or family support.


  • Reception 92.45
  • Year 1 93.05
  • Year 2 92.97
  • Year 3 94.34
  • Year 4 93.01
  • Year 5 94.75
  • Year 6 91.90
  • Whole School:


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Sea View Primary, Horsley Hill Community Campus,

Norham Avenue North, South Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE34 7TD

Telephone: 0191 4274343


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