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Year 6 RG

Welcome to class 6RG!


Welcome to superb 6RG! In Year 6, we cover a broad curriculum allowing the children to explore many books, think mathematically, write creatively and most of all… enjoy their learning. Have a look at some of the amazing things we have been doing in Year 6 so far...

6RG 2023-2024

Take a look at 6RG in our fabulous new Leavers’ Hoodies! 

Easter Egg Competition 

We had an 'eggsellent' time taking part in our Easter Egg Competition. Take a look at our finished designs, including our top 3 judged by Mrs Weightman.

Do something funny for money!


On Red Nose Day, we wore non-uniform in order to raise money for Comic Relief. The theme was 'Do something funny for money' so we all pulled our best funny faces! We also created posters and completed activities based on Red Nose Day. 


World Book Day 2024

For World Book Day we all came dressed in our pyjamas/lounge wear and brought our favourite books into read. We created book reviews based on our favourite books and enjoyed visits from other adults who read their favourite stories too. 


STEM Mathematicians Workshop 

We thoroughly enjoyed our STEM workshop where we explored the career of a mathematician through the wonderful world of self-similar shapes.  We explored repeating patterns in maths and in nature and created our own sierpinksi triangles.

Christmas Jumper Day

Take a look at our fabulous Christmas jumpers… we also enjoyed a delicious Christmas Lunch. 

Sugar Investigation 

As part of our Science topic we have been investigating the sugar content in different drinks. We made our predictions before weighing the sugar content in our chosen drinks. It goes without saying that we were rather shocked by some of the results!

RAF Stem Workshop

6RG thoroughly enjoyed their morning with Sarah who delivered a LEGO Education SPIKE Essential session. We started by working in teams to build the tallest tower and then moved onto working in pairs to build our own Moon Buggy. We had time to edit and change our designs. We then had a buggy race. Check out the photos and videos below! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Fun in the Snow!

We enjoyed our Friday afternoon in the snow. We worked together to build our class snowman… meet Bob ☃️❄️☃️❄️

Letters home from the trenches

As part of our WW1 topic in English, we received a special parcel from our wife back at home. We enjoyed stepping into the shoes of a solider, describing life in the trenches. Take a look at our powerful, emotive letters back home to our darling wife Elizabeth. 

Making a model blood sample

In Science, we looked at the cells and nutrients in our blood by making a real life sample. We used yellow water to represent the plasma, cheerios and red food colouring to represent our red blood cells, white marshmallows to represent white blood cells and raisins to represent platelets. We looked at the function of each cell and discussed how blood is essential for good health. 


We enjoyed Halloween crafts, making chocolate covered apples with sprinkles as well as a Halloween movie!

Visit from Paul Sturgess- Britain's Tallest Man!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit from Paul Sturgess (who stands at 7 feet 7 inches tall!) Our day started with an assembly where he shared his story. He inspired children that we should celebrate being different and everyone is unique. 


We also enjoyed a basketball workshop where he showed us some incredible basketball skills he learnt and used in a career that included playing for the Harlem Globetrotters.


Lego Spike

We enjoyed working in pairs to build the ''break dancer.'' We then experimented with timing and syncing the motion of the legs with the blinking light on the hub. We had the opportunity to programme with variables and data to add different sounds and notes. 

RAP Event- Reducing Accidents at Play

We had a great trip to South Shields Fire Station today to take part in the RAP event (Reducing Accidents at Play). We had the opportunity to visit different stations where we looked at many safety aspects we face everyday. 

A big thank you to Nexus, Road Safety, Tyne and Wear Fire Service, Active Travel, Northern Power and the RNLI. It was a fabulous afternoon!

Make Someone Laugh.

To celebrate Red Nose Day 2023 we, as a class, voted on the three best jokes and performed them in the Sea View Comedy Club. Sit back and enjoy the show...


Still image for this video

Valentines Day Problem Solving

As part of our Valentines Day maths lesson, we worked together in pairs to solve a range of multi-step word problems. After successfully solving each word problem, we revealed a letter. After solving all 14 problems we had to put these words together to make a the title of a well-known love song...... the answer was...... Love is in the air!