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PHSCE and Thrive at Sea View

The purpose of PHSCE

At Sea View Primary School, we understand that pupils must be provided with an education that prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. A key part of this relates to relationships education, which must be delivered to every primary-aged pupil. Primary schools also have the option to decide whether pupils are taught sex education. State-funded primary schools are also required to teach health education.

Relationships education focusses on giving pupils the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships, and to build their self-efficacy. Health education focusses on equipping pupils with the knowledge they need to make good decisions about their own health and wellbeing.

The Thrive approach

Using a positive relational stance with children, through play, creativity and the arts, the Thrive Approach helps them make the most of their learning opportunities.

Seizing these, and meeting developmental needs at the right-time, can help pupils become more resilient, open to learning and able to thrive.

It is this approach that ultimately makes a difference in the lives of pupils and enables them to fulfil their full potential.

Meet Paddy PSCHE

Paddy is part of our Curriculum Crew who is introduced at the start of each topic and lesson, providing a visual link to lessons and allows our children to focus on the skills needed in the upcoming tasks.

Paddy is featured as part of our PSCHE Pathway Journey - allowing the children to revisit and consolidate prior learning .



In small group time we used images to help us to identify our feelings and talked about reasons that can make us feel a certain way.

We used the mirrors to look at ourselves and talked about how we are all different, all special, before exploring the activities and creating representations with the different resources.

We listened to some different stories about sharing, being friends and being kind. To promote well-being in the class, we now have a 'Kindness' jar and if we do a kind thing for a friend or grown up, we can add a pom pom to our Kindness jar. We are going to see if we can fill it quickly! We also made our own kindness hats, with our own ideas for messages on them, "always share and be kind," "play together," "use your manners", "we say sorry," "tell Mammy I love her."


We have been learning about one of the 7c’s and all about collaboration . We worked in partners, using our good manners, using each other’s name and making eye contact. We had a challenge to move the cube from one end of the ruler to the other without touching the cube. We had to think about our strategy and work together. It was so much fun! 

We love to celebrate our achievements with our friends that we have been doing out of school. We are confident to share our news in class.

In Thrive time we are learning about British Values and the first value we are learning about is honesty . We listened to the story ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ and discussed the importance of telling the truth and being honest . We talked about the little boy in the story being dishonest and what the consequences were for him. We then read several scenarios and sorted them into three categories honest, dishonest and not sure. 

We also did some role play. We agreed it is always better to be honest even if we know it might get us into trouble.

Still image for this video

In Thrive, we read the story 'Thank You' by Janine Amos. At different parts of the story we discussed how the characters were feeling e.g. how Gran was feeling when Sam didn't say thank you for his birthday gift. We spoke about how important it is to have good manners and say thank you when we receive something or someone does something nice for us. 

We then made a circle and passed around our autumn toy. As we were given the toy from our friends, we said "thank you" to show our good manners. 

Year 1

Blue Penguin

We read the story blue penguin and stopped to discuss how the penguin might be feeling at different parts of the story. The children noticed that the penguin was unique and they all shared something about them which made them unique. 


The children realised that it was good to be different and we came up with the motto: 'We are all unique individuals but together we make the perfect team!' 


We then linked this to the story 'Have You Filled a Bucket Today' and talked about all of the things we could do to help the penguin feel happy. The children came up with fabulous ideas and we used these to build our class charter. 

Year 2

As part of our THRIVE approach to PSHE we have been developing our collaborative working skills.  We greeted our partner using a hand shake and welcomed them to our session and them took turns to draw each element of a robot.  We shared our robots in a circle time and talked about all of the details we contributed to the overall design.  

Year 3

British Values are an important part of our teaching and the children have been learning about mutual respect.

In our Thrive time today, we looked at the importance of teamwork. We worked on a task together with a partner and needed to figure out a way of making the task fair for everyone to get an equal turn.

Year 4

Black History Month


This month we have been celebrating Black History month. We researched and discussed a range of achievements from Black people from the past and today. We particularly enjoyed the story of Rosa Parks.

Year 5

I Really Want To Shout!

Inspired by this fabulous picture book by Simon Philip and Lucia Gaggiotti,as part of a PSCHE themed week, we explored strategies to help the little girl control her emotions. We had huge fun designing monsters to help control our inner feelings.

We wrote emails to the little girl in the story, offering her advice and strategies of what to do when you really want to shout.

Year 6

As part of Thrive Week Year 6 enjoyed reading Voices in the Park by the author Anthony Browne. Four different voices tell their own versions of the same walk in the park. The different perspectives give a fascinating depth. The story explores many of important  themes, such as alienation, friendship and different emotions. 

After reading the story, we stepped into the shoes of the four different voices/characters. We described our feelings and our experience of the park. Take a look at our terrific thought bubbles...

One of the characters from the story (Charles) is struggling with emotions and his feeling lonely, isolated and in need of help. We wrote letters in role as Charles to an Agony Aunt explaining our problems and asking for advice/solutions. Here are some of our incredible letters. 

Take a look at our amazing art work inspired by the story!



We talked about our differences and about how we are all important and special, just for being who we are ♥️

Its Okay To Be Different

Using the book illustrations for inspiration, we used vibrant colours to paint self-portraits.

We wrote our own ideas on speech bubbles - It's ok to...

Mindful art

Still image for this video
We painted with Autumn colours as we listened to calming Autumn music

We have been working together to see what we can achieve when we cooperate.

The little boy is fed up with being so little. He wants to be as tall as his friends and his big brother. But when he loses his teddy bear up a tree, not even his new tall friend can get it back for him. Maybe with a little bit of help they can reach the bear together.

I Don't Want to Be Small - By Laura Ellen Anderson📏

Hello everybody, today the Bookworms have read, I Don't Want to Be Small - By Laura Ellen Anderson!📏 Make sure to tell us which part of the book is your favourite! To subscribe and view more of our videos click the following link: Copyright: This book is not written or illustrated by us.


We enjoyed a circle time to encourage dialogue with a partner and to build our confidence. Each child was given a card and asked to pair up with a partner. We had to decide which creature we would prefer to be and why, then we swapped cards and swapped partners so we could make a series of different judgements. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Elmer - The Patchwork Elephant | Children's Books | Read Aloud

Written and illustrated by David McKee. Elmer is different. Elmer is patchwork. The grey elephants all love him, but he soon starts to wonder what it would be like to be just the same as them.

After reading the story Elmer we talked about being special and how we can celebrate our differences. 


We painted portraits by looking at our features in a mirror and then used paint and pastels. 

We used shapes and blocks to design our own Elmer prints.

We used 2Simple paint program to design a unique Elmer.

In Reception this term, we are learning to develop our confidence and independent thinking skills through 'The Philosophy Man' resources. We enjoyed playing 'Would You Rather...?' where we had to listen to the two choices and vote with our feet! The game initially helped us to express our own taste, giving us the opportunity to explain our choices and express our thoughts on the questions we were asked.  

Year One


One of our class goals this term is to develop our team and communication skills. We worked in teams to use different building materials to build a house. Each team showed respect to each other, excellent team work and brilliant communication.


We have been learning about patience and why it is important.

To practise using patience we used bubbles! We had to watch the bubbles and wait patiently until we were given the signal to pop them. It was tricky to resist the bubbles at first but we showed patience and completed the task!

Friendship Potion!

We worked together to come up with ingredients that make a perfect friend. We then added them to our bowl and gave it a good mix to create our own magical friendship potion!

The Colour Monster

We read The Colour Monster during Thrive week and discovered all of the different emotions that the monster was feeling. We explored the book and the monster's feelings by creating our own colour monsters, filling jars with our emotions and investigating how colours are used in our school during our colour hunt.

The Colour Monster

Making our own colour monsters...

Children enjoying the colour hunt and making their own monsters!

Year Two

During PHSE welcome week the children in Year 2 enjoyed reading the story The Paperbag Princess. 


We used the story to reflect on who the important people in our lives are and how they can help us. We explored how to be a good friend and role played was in which we can resolve conflict.  

Our Thrive display is full of our PHSE learning including staying safe at home, stranger danger, all about me wish jars and our rainbows of hope..

Year Three

This term we are exploring different themes through 'The Philosophy Man'.  The questions and video clips really get us thinking and it's teaching us how to form our own opinions and listen to the views of others. 

Spot and Stripe - Age 4-7 - 19. Letters or Numbers?

Spot and Stripe love to argue about juicy questions. In each short video, they ask a question, explore a few reasons on either side and invite children to continue the debate! To use with your chlldren at home, simply press play. Afterwards, ask them who they agree with - Spot or Stripe - and why?

We have begun reading moral stories in Year 3 this term. The first story we explored was 'The boy who cried wolf'. We discussed lying and the importance of always telling the truth.

We have been learning about roles and responsibilities in Year 3.

In Year 3 we read the book Halibut Jackson and we explored the feelings and thoughts of the characters in the book.  We discussed what it feels like to be shy and times when we have overcame our shyness.  We also talked about the different outcomes for Halibut Jackson based on the decisions that he may have made and how these decisions affected his life.

Halibut Jackson Book Read by Bedtime Stories with Will Halibut Jackson is a very shy person. He prefers not to be noticed at all. So he makes himself clothing to match his surroundings. His library suit has a striped look to it to match the shelves.

Year Four

Show Racism the Red Card


We began the session by discussing what we thought racism meant and what it might look like. We also considered why people might be racist towards others and how it might feel for those experiencing acts of racism towards them.

We shared the moral story, 'The Limit of Kindness' and explored the messages it shared. We discussed how we need to be kind and share with others, but also take of ourselves and our needs.

We created a heart to show all the things which are important to us and what makes us unique.

We used the story, 'Tyrannosaurus Drip' to explore the themes of diversity, identity and challenging stereotypes. We discussed how dinosaurs can be stereotyped from their appearance and applied this to how people can stereotype others. We created our own diversity dinosaurs to represent the diversity we have within our class. We also explored our self-identity by creating portraits to show, not only how we appear on the outside, but our individual identities on the inside.

Tyrannosaurus Drip | Bedtime Stories for kids

Tyrannosaurus Drip is the brilliantly fun book about a baby dinosaur that wakes up in the wrong nest! Bedtime Stories UK have brought the book to life through our unique art direction and professional storytellers. This is one your children are sure to enjoy.

Year Five

Show Racism the Red Card.

We took part in an exciting  and thought-provoking workshop in which we explored and discussed the topic of Racism. We looked at ways in which we can make a difference by the choices we make and how we can challenge others into changing how they see the word.

Good To Be Me.

As part of our Thrive Time we have celebrated our differences discussing the unique qualities that make us all individual and fabulous. We created Personal Recipes and hearts with our favourites things.

Aaaarrgghh! Spider!

All Spider wants is to be a family pet. But the family whose house he lives in are terrified of him. Whenever he tries to show them what a great pet he would make, they simply cry, 'Aaaarrgghh, Spider!'. Themes of tolerance and misunderstanding make key discussion points for children in this book.

Inspired by the story we wrote emails offering advice to try and persuade the family that spiders are friendly, helpful creatures not to be feared. We explored all the excellent and unique qualities spiders have in order to persuade the family to change their mind.

We created thought bubbles to develop a sense of empathy with the spider....

We sketched and created our spiders. Take a look at our fabulous artwork...

Year Six

Keeping Safe Workshop

Dave Burns came into school to deliver a session on keeping safe on the streets. The children took part in workshops that looked at stranger danger, mobile phone safety, social media, peer pressure, the law and county lines. 

Team Building with Harton Transition Co-ordinators

We were lucky to have two teachers from Harton Academy, who are the transition co-ordinators, into school to carry out some team building exercises. We all worked well as a team during the different activities and shared what we think makes a good team. 



Our PSHE curriculum in the Foundation stage helps children to build their confidence, resilience and self-esteem and to identify and manage risk. They develop the skills to make informed choices and understand what influences their decisions. It enables children to respect themselves, others and to celebrate diversity whilst managing their emotions and communicating effectively. Developing an understanding of themselves, empathy and the ability to collaborate with others helps children to form and maintain good relationships and better enjoy and manage their lives.

Sending kind messages


Celebrating Diversity

The Little Red Hen - working as a team.

Colour Me Happy


We shared the story, 'Giraffe's Can't Dance', and talked about how everyone is different. We shared our ideas about what we are good at and noticed that we are all good at different things. 

Giraffes Can't Dance

We drew pictures of Gerald and wrote a sentence to say what we are good at.

We shared the story, ‘The princesses have a ball’, and discussed how the girls were playing basketball instead of dancing. We talked about how not all boys like the same sports, and how not all girls like dancing. We discussed how it’s ok for us to enjoy different things to our friends.

We shared this story and discussed how the joys and difficulties of making and keeping friends. During circle time we talked about our feelings such as when we feel worried in school and how we can overcome these. Children suggested that if we help each other it will make us feel happy.

👧🏻 Meesha Makes Friends

by Tom Percival.

We painted portraits to show how happy we are when we make friends.

Look at our display!

Year One

During a thrive time in year 1 we have explored different emotions with the story The Colour Monster. We looked at our brains and how they react to different emotions. Finally we made worry jars with all the different things that can make us worry. 

Year Two

We have been learning about the people whose job it is to keep up safe and how they look after us. We names some of our own trusted grown ups and discussed what they do to care for us.

Year Three

Understanding our 'Golden Rules'.

We have been working on understanding our golden rules and what this looks like in our school. This week we look at 'Be kind to each other.'  We had a bank of kind and unkind statements to discuss with our partner and sort them into two groups.  After we sorted the statements and discussed them, we made a kind message to give to the friend we were working with.  It definitely put big smiles on our faces!

Let yourself and others learn and play

Today we played picture eye spy together. We had to work out the rules with our partner, decide how somebody would win and work out a way of recording the scores. It was a lot of fun and we learnt a lot about working together. 

Year Four

Thinking Positive:

As part of this topic we explored how important it is to celebrate our differences. We also looked at ways in which we could make a difference inspired by the COP26 Summit and Show Racism the Red Card.

The Best Part of Me

Show Racism the RED Card.

Our Planet Promises.

Rules and Laws.

Inspired by our quality text, "THE NIGHT BUS HERO", we looked at the rules in our society and took part in a  heated debate as part of our own Prime Ministers Questions. We then wrote speeches expressing our views on homelessness.

Year Six

We had the opportunity to discuss our worries and find ways to deal with them. We created worry jars, which included worries we have and then we made our own Worry-Buster Guides to find ways to shrink our worries. 


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  • Year 3 94.44
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  • Year 6 93.09
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