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Science Week 2022

Our science focus was on the continent of Antarctica.

We learned that it was the coldest place on Earth - even colder than the North Pole!

Antarctica has 90% of the total ice on Earth. 

It is a cold desert, as it hardly ever rains or snows and the ice is 1 - 3 miles thick!

Antarctica has only 2 seasons, Winter and Summer, where we have 4 seasons, winds can reach up to 200mph - brrrr!

No humans live there, but lots of scientists visit to study the landscape and animals.

There are seals, killer whales and lots of different types of penguins living there.

We have found out lots of facts and have done some fun activities, we love science!

We made habitats for the penguins using sugar cubes, icy blue playdough and printed igloos with paint

We used coloured ice cubes for colour mixing, guessing which colours the different combinations of ice cubes would make

We used coloured ice to 'paint' with, it felt so cold and melted in our warm hands

We investigated 'Antarctic ice' in the outdoor area


  • Reception 92.45
  • Year 1 93.05
  • Year 2 92.97
  • Year 3 94.34
  • Year 4 93.01
  • Year 5 94.75
  • Year 6 91.90
  • Whole School:


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