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Reception LC

Welcome to class RLC!

RLC 2023-2024

This week we enjoyed a trip to Washington Wetlands Centre. First we did some pond dipping where we explored a pond with different objects and found some different animals inside. We looked at them up close and described what we could see, learning that a Waterhog can breathe underwater. We then explored the forest and sorted the forest creatures into having legs and no legs. After that, we saw some gorgeous flamingos before seeing the otters get their lunch. After our lunch, we had some free time to spend looking at more animals before getting to have a play in the park. We all loved our day at the Wetlands Centre and learned so much!

Spencer knows Spring by Tiffany Obeng

Our book of the week this week is 'Spencer knows Spring' by Tiffany Obeng. We are going to be exploring the signs of Spring by writing our favourite facts and doing some fun Spring crafts. What is your favourite sign of Spring?

Mr Wolf's Pancakes

This week we are reading 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' by Jane Fearnley. As part of this we will be writing instructions on how to make a pancake before we all have a go at making our own delicious pancakes! What is your favourite pancake topping?

We set up the class as a restaurant!

Still image for this video

The Emperor's Egg by Martin Jenkins

Our book of the week this week is 'The Emperor's Egg' by Martin Jenkins. The book explores the life of a penguin egg in the Antarctic. We will be using this story to help us explore the life cycle of a penguin, help us write out penguin facts and look at different antarctic animals. As a follow on from our tiger topic looking at where tigers live on the Earth, we will also be looking at where penguins live on our planet and comparing it to where we live and where tigers live.

Throughout the week we are watching the penguin web cam at Edinburgh zoo and other video clips about penguins. 

In Maths we are learning to add two group together by counting them all. We followed steps to success. First we had to read the number sentence , then we would add the correct number of objects in the first group, count the required number for the second group and them count them all to find the total. We are learning to use vocabulary ; add, plus, total, how many  altogether? and equals. 

We are reading this non fiction story to learn some more facts about tigers . 

Tigress by Nick Dowson

We used 2Simple painting computer program to draw a tiger using our knowledge from reading this book. We are learning to select tools and colours for a purpose.

Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr

See if you can answer the question at the end!

We designed a pattern on our own teapot just in case the tiger popped into our class!

We sequenced pictures from the story and then retold the story using our own story map.

Still image for this video

We are writing lists and simple sentences linked to the story.

We are drawing the front cover of the book, practising our art skills.

Oliver's Vegetables

We found out what happened to Oliver when he visited his grandfathers vegetable garden! Continuing our learning about healthy foods. It also helps us practice our days of the week!

We have been practicing our culinary skills when preparing vegetables we brought in for harvest soup day. We enjoyed peeling and chopping various vegetables ready to cook a pan of tasty soup. We can’t wait for our parents to visit this week to join in our harvest festival. 

Giraffes Can't Dance

Our story this week is "Giraffes Can't Dance" by Giles Andrea and Guy Parker-Rees.

We have been learning to follow instructions to draw a giraffe. Look at our beautiful art work!

We had a visit from the school Nurses today and learnt about the importance of washing our hands to prevent germs.

We listened to this story...

Hey Duggee: The Handwashing Badge story.

It's pizza time at the Squirrel Club, but the Squirrels must wash their hands first. Washing your hands is very important, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun!

We then listened to this story about limiting sugary snacks and why we need to keep our teeth healthy.

Dinosaur Douglas And The Beastly Bugs

Dinosaur Douglas likes sweets. The beastly bugs most certainly do! A wonderful book explaining the importance of brushing your teeth and not gorging on sweets.

Avocado Baby

We enjoyed tasting an avocado...

A special visit

We have enjoyed a special visit from two of our parents and their babies after reading Avocado Baby. They told us all about what their baby needs, their routine and how to care for a baby. We all listened so well and could answer all of the questions in the mini quiz at the end!

The Smartest Giant in Town

Owl Babies

We loved retelling parts of the story and recreating the woodland in the story. We were encouraged to use story language and interact with others. 

Year 2022-2023


We had a wonderful time on our trip to Whitehouse farm . We spent the day learning about animals and their babies. We fed, held and stroked the animals and even went on a tractor ride. ‘Scream if you want to go faster’ said the farmer. We had fun on the bouncy pillows and at the play park .

We had an exciting visit from paramedics today who brought their ambulance to our school. We loved sitting in the ambulance and exploring with the equipment. We listened to the sirens and asked questions about their job. Then we role payed as paramedics and learnt what to do in an emergency.


First we say their name to see if they respond…..

name Can you hear me?,

shake them,

ring 999 and say I need help.

The paramedic said it is ideal if children know their house number.

Make Someone Laugh.

To celebrate Red Nose Day 2023 we, as a class, voted on the three best jokes and performed them in the Sea View Comedy Club. Sit back and enjoy the show...

REC LC.mp4

Still image for this video

We have loved this sunny Spring day especially exploring in our newly refreshed outdoor area. Have a look…

Muddy Monsters


The children had an exciting visit from Muddy Monsters where they were encouraged to explore, create and investigate. Our children were eager to use the outdoor environment and natural resources around them.


We made a magic potion with things we found in nature and then added watercolours to change the colour. Then we said what super power our magic potion would give us.


We had so much fun and used our initiative, team work, perseverance and creative skills to learn and explore in our natural environment.   

Our story this week is...

Little Raindrop

A story about the water cycle.

Mr Wolf's Pancakes, by Jan Fearnley

We made pancakes in class today and they tasted delicious. We talked about looking at a recipe to find out what ingredients were needed. Then we sent Mrs Carter to the shops! We enjoyed working in a group to weigh the ingredients flour, milk, a pinch of salt and an egg. We mixed, poured and whisked the ingredients to make a batter. Then Mrs Carter used her special pancake maker. Next we added our own favourite topping. They tasted yummy!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar read by Eric Carle

In Maths we have been learning about doubling. We always enjoy maths more it involves food! We had to choose a double card then count out the amount of blueberries on the first plate and then count the same amount on the second plate. Next we had to say the number sentence 3+3=6 then double 3 is 6. We had a go at recording them on stickers. 

Using play dough to find double of a number

Using play dough helps to develop our fine motor skills by rolling the dough into small balls. It supports language and social skills, and maths skills all at the same time!

Using the interactive board to sequence numbers

We played a game where we had to order the numbers on a caterpillar. We had to identify the numbers and then place them in order from lowest to highest. We could begin to recognise what numbers were missing.

We loved making a healthy snack for the Hungry Caterpillar so that he wouldn’t have an upset tummy this time! We chose from a selection of fruit and threaded them onto skewer sticks. We enjoyed eating our delicious and healthy fruit kebab with our friends. We enjoyed trying the different fruit even if we didn’t like the taste. 

Designing our own butterflies

We talked about butterflies having a symmetrical pattern meaning it is the same in both sides. Then we loved making our own unique butterfly🦋.

What the Ladybird Heard

Two naughty robbers, Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh, make a clever plan to steal the farmer's prize cow - but their plan has no chance if the smallest quietest creature has her way!

We love this story already! We are painting our favourite characters from the story, keep an eye out for our display.

This week we are learning about Tigers. We are very interested to find out where they live and how fast they are. 


Tigress - A bit of fact and a bit of fiction in this story about the world's most beautiful cats.

We learned that Tigers have baby cubs. We used construction blocks to build a den for them until they go off on their own.

The Story of Chinese New Year, The Great Race

Happy Chinese New Year 2023 The Jade Emperor in China decides that there must be a way to measure time. So he comes up with a plan for a Great Race. The animals all line up along the river bank, ready to race to the other side.

We have enjoyed making a lantern to celebrate Chinese New Year. We drew symbols on our lantern and talked about their meaning. Then we decorated it with glitter and added a handle and tassels. We hung them in class ready for our celebration at the end of the week.

After listening to the story we talked about position and could use our maths skills to place the animals in the order they finished the race. We could begin to answer questions about who came third, last and possible reasons why. 

We learned that it is tradition that children are given red envelopes filled with money as they are a symbol of good fortune and luck for the year ahead. We made our own by cutting out a template and decorating it . 

We love practicing our fine motor skills especially using glitter!

We celebrated Chinese New Year at the Sea View restaurant. We devoured noodles, rice and prawn crackers and even had a go at using chopsticks. It was delicious. 

We created our own shape dragon collage using shapes to make a symmetrical pattern. We talked about the shapes used and their properties. 

🐯 The Tiger Who Came To Tea

The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Written by Judith Kerr.

We like practising our art skills and drew a tiger, using a step by step prompt. Look at our artists! 

Fun in the snow followed by a discussion about the types of clothing we should ideally wear when it is cold. We were able to choose items of clothing, cut them out and dress appropriately for the Winter weather. 

It’s Christmas lunch today ! Yum Yum! 

The Story of the First Christmas

We enjoyed a magical class trip to West Boldon Lodge. We were met off the bus  by Mr Evergreen, an elf sent by Santa Claus. He then took us to the Elf classroom where we began our Christmas experience...

We enjoyed designing our very own Santa hat using Christmas stickers and then we created a Rudolph decoration in the workshop using a wooden log for the head, pipe cleaners for the antlers, googly eyes and a big, round red nose. Mr Evergreen was so impressed ! He then told us there was a special visitor waiting in the forest I wonder who that could be ....

We had an adventure searching through the forest for a secret cabin. When we found the big red door, we had to knock three times and wait patiently. Behind the door there was a big, jolly surprise...Santa Claus! He welcomed us into his grotto where we discovered that we were on the nice list (even the teachers!). Santa then read a lovely Christmas story to us before we headed off onto the next adventure....

We then joined Mr Evergreen around the fire, where we enjoyed a cup of delicious hot chocolate and toasted some marshmallows as we sang our favourite Christmas songs. Our Christmas spirit could be felt all around the forest!

We have been making some porridge for Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

We had an assembly about Remembrance Sunday and learnt about why we wear poppies. Then we painted our own. 

It’s Harvest Festival week so we are reading the story Oliver's Vegetables

After reading this story we brought vegetables in to school and loved the experience of making home made soup for our harvest celebrations. 

We enjoyed drawing some vegetables we brought in from home

Avocado Baby

In class we tried some Avocado. Some of us liked it and some of us didn’t.

Giraffes Can't Dance

We have been using phonics knowledge to write initial sounds to label animals and objects in the story. 

We are learning to order objects by height. We are learning to use language such as taller, tallest, shortest. 

The Smartest Giant in Town

George the Giant's journey from scruffiest giant in town to the smartest giant in town and back to scruffiest, but always, always the Kindest Giant in Town!

Owl Babies

An animated story version of the book Owl Babies.

We are learning to sequence the story and talk about what is happening at each stage.

We like to retell the story...

Last year’s Reception class learning 

We have been learning about where we live and some features in South Shields. We looked at some of the work by a local artist Bob Olley and created our own collage of South Shields. We used pastels and clay to create these.


Still image for this video

We had a wonderful time on our trip to Whitehouse Farm. We spent the whole day there learning about animals and their babies. We fed, held and stroked the animals and we even had time to play in the park. It was a very tiring day !

We enjoyed a STEM workshop learning about the weather . We had to become meteorologists for the day thinking about and investigating different types of weather. We listened to the story Little Cloud. 

Little Cloud

By Anne Booth and Sarah Massini

We made reflective mobiles, wind socks and windmills. We had to to discover which direction the wind was blowing from and how hard it is blowing using plastic bags and empty pop bottles. 

This week we are reading this book...

The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers

The Way Back Home

The Tiny Seed - A read aloud Eric Carle book with music in HD fullscreen

Join the tiny seed's journey as it travels near and far, overcoming insurmountable odds and many dangers, to finally become a plant and a beautiful flower!Wi...

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk is a traditional tale about.Jack, a poor country boy, who trades the family cow for a handful of beans.

Little Raindrop

We are learning about all about the weather and the story that follows a raindrop! "Have you ever wondered what happens to a raindrop when it falls from the sky?

Mr Wolf's Pancakes!

Jan Fearnley, an author and illustrator, reads her famous subversive story about the dangers of not being nice! Meet Mr Wolf, who fancies some delicious pancakes.

We loved this story and sent Mrs Carter to the shops with a shopping list to buy the ingredients to make pancakes. We then made labels for each ingredient and set up a pancake station. We weighed the flour, cracked an egg and poured in milk and a pinch of salt. Then we whisked it ready to cook. we each chose our own yummy toppings.