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PE and Sport at Sea View

The purpose of Physical Education

 A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.




The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils:

  •  develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  •  are physically active for sustained periods of time
  •  engage in competitive sports and activities
  •  lead healthy, active lives.


Meet Paige PE

Paige is part of our Curriculum Crew who is introduced at the start of each topic and lesson, providing a visual link to lessons and allows our children to focus on the skills needed in the upcoming tasks.

Paige is featured as part of our PE Pathway Journey - allowing the children to revisit and consolidate prior learning .


Football League 2023-24

Our wonderful Sea View Football Team took part in their first match day as part of our local league competing with local schools.

They worked brilliantly as a team and stayed positive. They have made their school very proud!



For our hall time this week, we continued the theme of body parts. Our objective was to develop balance whilst both stationary, and on the move. We warmed up by moving at different speeds and in different directions. We then moved around the space and when the teacher named a body part, we had to stop safely and touch that body part to the floor.

We practised our team work and co-operative skills in a classroom PE session. We listened to instructions and were able to work together to raise the parachute, keep the ball moving and even to run and cross over underneath.


We are enjoying having a PE coach this half term. We are learning ball skills, dribbling throwing and kicking and improving our hand-eye coordination. 

In PE we are learning basic principles such as freezing on command, using and sharing equipment and working individually and with a partner. We are also learning to develop movement skills such as running jumping and skipping. 

Year 1

This half term we have been working on sending and receiving objects. We have been practicing our throwing and catching skills and kicking and stopping a ball with our feet. 


We have loved our start to gymnastics this term! We have been learning different jumps, such as pike, straddle and star.

We have enjoyed using the equipment and putting our jumps in to practice. As well as working on our balance and co-ordination in different ways!

Year 2


 In PE this term we have been learning about different areas of athletics. Each week we have been looking at and learning new skills from different areas in athletics. In the first week we looked at our running technique, we thought about and discussed how this changed dependant upon how we were running. We explored the difference in the movements of our bodies between sprinting and jogging. Following from this we have also been looking at our jumping technique. At first we explored the ways in which we can improve our jumping technique using our bodies, this included looking at how far we can jump and how tall we can jump. 


We have thoroughly enjoyed working with our specialist gymnastic coach in Autumn term.  We have explored balances, jumping and landing and rolling.  We explored the ways in which we can use and manipulate our bodies to support us when developing our balance and used our climbing frame to help strengthen our climbing and strength.

Ball Skills:


This half term we have been developing or ball skills. Rolling, throwing, kicking, catching, stopping have formed the basic skills of each of our sessions.  We have then used these skills to play a number of simple team games such as throw ball, cops and robbers and dodgeball. 

Year 3

This term we have been working with a sports development coach from South Shields FC. We have developed our game play each week to create rules that make the game more interesting and sometimes a little trickier! We look at tactics, space and teamwork as part of our sessios.

Year 4

We have enjoyed the first of our yoga sessions this term. We are already perfecting lots of yoga stances!

We thoroughly enjoyed our Hoopstarz session! We learnt how to hula hoop by moving and positioning our bodies correctly. We then developed different hula hoop techniques such as jumping with our hoops and making them spin and return to us! We ended with a team challenge to build a house using the hoops.

Year 5


This half term we have been developing our gymnastic skills. Following on from our work in Year 4, we have been refining the ways in which we move and balance on different apparatus.

Fitness and Athletics

This half term in year five we have been working on our fitness. We have considered ways in which to increase our speed and stamina working in a variety of different of different activities. The children have recorded their results and attempted to improve on their personal bests.


The children have also been exhibiting teamwork and technical skills when completing relay races.

Year 6


We have been learning about different dance styles including incorporating boxing style moves into our routines. 

We had the opportunity to take part in a Hoopstarz session. The children loved learning about different techniques and enjoyed a variety of challenges. We are all now Hoopstars!



We understand the importance of keeping fit and we do this in lots of different ways. We like to do warm up exercises in class - throw, catch and balance - and make obstacle courses, jump and climb in the outdoor area

We had fun doing classroom PE. We first did a warm up, then we followed a story with Mrs Henderson, doing yoga poses for the animals the story - a mouse (hugging our knees in), a giraffe (standing really tall), a monkey (tree pose) and a crocodile (snapping alternate legs).


Today we enjoyed joining in our first yoga session with Tatty Bumpkin. It was brought to life with storytelling and music whilst learning new yoga poses such as the downward dog and the butterfly. We successfully played crab football by passing the bean bag around the group using only our feet.

In PE this term we have had an introduction into gymnastics. We are demonstrating that we are beginning to balance with control as we have been learning how to do different gymnastics poses such as pike, tuck, star and teddy bear. We have shown that we can move and travel safety around the room in different ways, showing good spatial awareness of others. 

We have a coach in PE and we are starting to experiment with different types of movement and  negotiating space carefully. We are learning to throw, catch and kick a ball.

We enjoy doing the daily mile.

In PE we are learning to move freely in a range of ways. We are learning to throw and catch using balls and beanbags. 

In PE, we are learning to develop our balance and body awareness. We enjoyed taking part in Classroom PE where we had to listen to the story about an animal race and everytime we heard an animals name, we had to demonstrate the animal balance. We had so much fun!

Year 1

In Year 1, we have been working on our spacial awareness and movement skills. We have also started to look at attacking and defending competitive games.

Using the springboard!

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Practising balance and co-ordination

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Exploring the climbing frame!

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Introduction to yoga...

Year 2



We have thoroughly enjoyed experiencing yoga this half term with our coach.  We love the stories and adventures she shares with us throughout our sessions. 



We have enjoyed developing our balance, rolls, climbing and jumping skills with our Gymnastics coach this half term.  We used a range of equipment to explore the different areas of gymnastics and enjoyed practising skills such as jumping and landing in a range of shapes including pike, straddle and tuck.


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We started the year exploring competitive games and developed a number of catching and throwing skills, attacking and defending skills and tactics before embedding them in a game of dodgeball.  We loved playing knee tag to help us develop our attacking and defending skills but found the competitive nature of a dodgeball tournament the best way to end our topic.


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P.E in 2BP learning how to sprint! 

Year 3 

In Year 3 we have a Yoga coach to help us develop our skills.

Year 3 

In Year 3 we have been developing our skills over the last six weeks in bench-ball with a coach from South Shields FC.  We have learned the importance of teamwork as well as core games strategies and skills. We also had a lot of fun!

Year 4

This term we have been focussing on developing a range of skills. This has included developing our ball skills, throwing, catching and defending. .

South Shields FC sessions

We have thoroughly enjoyed our PE sessions with the South Shields FC coach. We have been perfecting our throwing and catching techniques and used our growing skills in games such as dodgeball and bench ball.

We are thoroughly enjoying our dance sessions in P.E. this term! We have a dance teacher from South Shields FC working with us. She has introduced us to street dance and how we can use the music to express ourselves and to feel the beat of the music. As well as learning choreography, we have also created our own dance routines by working as group. 

Year 5

Dance -1950's Style.

This half-term we have enjoyed creating different dance routines to suit the style of music. It was great fun.