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Year 3

   Home Learning


For access to online learning please use Classdojo to access online lessons and support from your Year Group team.

Work will be set daily and online support will be given throughout the day.


Home Learning Expectations

  • Learning will be set each day via Class Dojo.
  • Learning will be allocated at various points through the day.
  • Once you have completed a piece of work, hand it in via Class Dojo. It will be marked and you will receive feedback.  You may be given some corrections if needed.
  • If you complete any work on paper, please take a photo of it and upload it to Class Dojo via portfolios.
  • Any work handed in after 4.30, may not be marked that day.
  • The Year group team will be available to answer any queries between 8:30am and 4:30pm via Class Dojo.
  • After this, any queries will be answered the following weekday.


  • We recognise everyone’s day to day situation will be very different, if you have any issues with completing work on some days, please keep us informed. We recognise not all days will be straight forward!


The Incredible Book Eating Boy

This weeks Oliver Jeffers book is The Incredible Book Eating Boy.  In the story, the boy eats books instead of reading them to get smart but he ends up sick.  As we have been learning about healthy eating and what our bodies need in Science and Design Technology, we thought it would be a good idea to create a menu for the boy, Henry, to choose from instead of books so that he would get a good balance diet.  Here are a selection of our menus.

We explored different kinds of books and had fun thinking about what different kinds of books would taste like depending on what the book was about!

'The Incredible Book Eating Boy' by Oliver Jeffers

Maths - collecting data

This week in Maths we are looking at statistics and data and how we present this information. We had a lot of fun on our walk collecting data about the colour of passing cars. 😊

Topic - Rainforests

This week in our topic lessons we are researching tropical rainforests around the world and identifying them on a world map. 


This term in Science we are exploring Health and Movement. We have begun by looking at different food groups and finding out about what we get from them and why we need them. 


In P.E. this term we are taking part in Yoga sessions. We are enjoying following the Cosmic Kids Yoga. We find it very relaxing and calming. 


Design and Technology - Designing a healthy meal

As part of our Design Technology project this term we are looking at healthy and unhealthy food. We talked about the eat well plate and discussed the different food groups. We also looked at the labels on the packets and how these could help us decide if the food was healthy or unhealthy. Once we had discussed the food we sorted it into groups, healthy, unhealthy and somewhere in the middle!  The children had a lot of fun and a good discussion about food choices including vegan and vegetarian. 

Hygiene Experiment

As part of our PHSCE lesson this week where we were exploring health and personal hygiene, we conducted an experiment to see the difference between what happened to germs when we used soap and when we did not. 

How to Catch a Star

In English lessons we are exploring stories by the author Oliver Jeffers. This story, How to Catch a Star, is all about a little boy who is quite lonely and he wants to catch a star to be his friend. At the end of the week, we stepped out of the book and decided to learn about real stars. By doing this we also needed our computing skills and developed our scientific knowledge. We used the iPads to research stars and find out facts. It was a lot of fun and now we know about stars! 🙂


How to Catch a Star - Oliver Jeffers

Grab a copy for yourself!

Key Instant Recall Facts

R.E. Diwali

The English for today is the same as yesterday.  If completing the French sheet, you can use Google Translate to find out the French words for the classroom objects.
Please note, when using the knowledge money mat you will only need pages 2 and 3.

We will be exploring the Christmas Story over the next few weeks in our R.E. lessons.  Follow the link to read the Christmas Story and complete the story board by writing 1 or 2 sentences for each picture.

Good morning! I have posted the Maths and English for today.  Please remember you can also access Accelerated Reader and TT Rockstars daily.  I have included a word list for this week of spellings that we will be looking at.  We are exploring words that have the 'ch' sound that says 'c'.  Choose between 6 and 10 words a day to practice. This week we will be looking at the Christmas story in R.E. and the children will be completing their storyboard of the Nativity story.  There are lots of online versions you can look at or you may have children's bible at home that you can share the story from.  
Here is today's maths and English.   We will also be practicing handwriting and spelling.  Please remember to keep using accelerated reader and TT Rockstars daily.  Any work that you complete can be photographed and put on our ClassDojo for me to look at.  Thank you.
Good morning!  Today's English is day three of December Lane, also try to practice some of the 'ch' as 'c' spellings and your handwriting.  There are some Christmas maths problems for you to solve as well as using TT Rockstars and Accelerated Maths.  This afternoon we will be reading and then for our history lesson watching 'The Croods' to compare and contrast what we know about the Stone Age and what is shown in the animated movie.  If you cannot access the movie (i.e. Netfilix) there are plenty of free clips you can look at on YouTube with your parents permission.  Have a fun day!

The Croods - Trailer

THE CROODS - TEASER TRAILERWebsite: http://www.thecroodsmovie.comFacebook: CROODS is a prehistoric comedy adventure that...


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