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Year 3 NC

Welcome to class 3NC!

3NC 2023-2024


These are the key instant recall facts for the Year 3 mathematics curriculum.

Muddy Monsters!

We have been lucky enough to have Muddy Monsters back in school this term. We have had an absolute blast getting our hands dirty, digging holes, climbing trees, making mud pies, and hanging swings and hammocks!

Pedestrian Training

This half term we have been completing the Schools Go Smarter Child Pedestrian Training Programme.


This 5 week programme has consisted of both in-class sessions and roadside sessions. We have been discussing the importance of road safety and learning important road safety skills like the Green Cross Code - Stop, Look, Listen, Think - and we have had the opportunity to go out and practice these vital skills on the roadside, helping us to ensure that we are always staying safe around our roads.


The Green Cross Code teaches us to:

·         Stop with our feet behind the kerb.

·         Look all around for traffic. Remember to look right first as this is where our nearest danger comes from. Then we look left and back to the right again.

·         Listen carefully for traffic, as sometimes we can hear the traffic before we can see it. Remember, not all traffic makes a noise, such as bicycles and electric vehicles.

·         Think – is it a safe place to cross? If it is safe, then cross the road in a straight line, looking and listening. If not, wait until the traffic clears or move away and look for somewhere safer.


The Last Supper

In R.E. we have been learning about the Easter story. We have looked closely at what the Easter story is and why it is important to Christians. As part of our learning about the Easter story we looked closely at the Last Supper and made our own pictures representing this important part of the Easter story.

Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

Year 3 had the best time visiting Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens this term. We took part in a very interesting workshop called Rainforest Explorers to complement our current topics in English and Geography. We loved learning all about rainforest plants and animals, and we discussed many reasons why rainforests are important and why we should protect them!

In PE this term we have been having so much fun with our current topic of Athletics. We have learned all about the different skills that we need for Athletics and have really enjoyed putting these skills into action. We have engaged in lots of healthy competition and have been looking at the importance of cheering on our classmates. We have taken part in different forms of Athletics, such as Sprinting and Relays.

In Science this term we have been looking at our new topic of Health, Body and Movement. We have been talking a lot about the importance of healthy eating, and the effects that eating healthy vs unhealthy foods have on our bodies. We carried out an experiment using a range of different foods to find out which food contains the most grease - we found out that the foods that had less greasy residue left over after the experiment were better for our bodies, and the foods with more greasy residue were worse for our bodies.

Christmas Jumper Day! We had lots of fun dressing up in our Christmas jumpers and getting into the festive spirit!

Say hello to our new Playground Pals. These children will be helping out at playtimes and lunchtimes on the yard. They will be looking out for children who need a friend as well as making sure children are being kind to each other and following our golden rules. There are two teams of children (1 from each Y3 class) and they will take turns to be on duty.

Odd Sock Day for Anti-Bullying Week

Today, we came into school wearing odd socks in support of Anti-Bullying Week. The purpose of wearing odd socks is to celebrate differences - it does not matter who we are or what we look like (or what socks we wear!), we all deserve to be treated with the same amount of respect. We had lots of discussions today about what we can do to help ensure that everyone feels appreciated, cared for, and respected.

The Seals of St Mary's by Lucy Wraight

We had a fantastic visit from a local author, Lucy Wraight this morning. Lucy read her story to us and answered questions. She told us all about how she became an author and how she was inspired for her story.

We had the BEST day in school with the visit from the basketball player Paul Sturgess. He made us see that being unique is a gift and talked to us about how he has used his height to his advantage. We also talked about not giving up and reaching for the stars as well as learning some cool basketball tricks!

We had a fantastic time on our visit to Northumbria University! We were geologists for a morning and learned all about rocks, fossils and the rock cycle. We loved working in the lab to do our experiment.


Perfect Pizzas!

As part of our DT work, we have been looking at how to stay safe in the kitchen when preparing and cooking a range of food. We also have been learning about seasonal fruits and vegetables. We completed our DT project by making our own Pitta Pizzas. They were DELICIOUS!!

French Friday!

3ML had a fabulous 'French Friday'!

We dressed in the colours of the French flag: red, white and blue and had great fun throughout the day with our French activities.

Our Visit to the Hancock Museum in Newcastle

We had a fabulous day at the Hancock Museum. There was such a lot to see. We took part in a workshop as part of our Ancient Egyptian topic looking at artefacts and thinking about which jobs they may be used for. We had great fun!


During our Science work on plants and how they grow, we worked in teams looking at and naming different parts of a flower. We also learned about the jobs that each part plays in the growth of that flower.

The Ancient Egyptians

During our topic on 'The Ancient Egyptians', we have been learning about the pharaoh, Tutankhamun. Rumour has it that there was a curse placed upon any who entered his tomb. We have been busy creating posters warning what might happen to anyone who is brave enough to do just that...!


We have been working together to make simple animations during our Computing lessons.

Our Coronation Celebration!

We dressed in red, white and blue to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III.


We have been enjoying our Gymnastics lessons with our coach.

Super Science!

3ML have had great fun exploring how magnets work.


We had more fabulous fun during our second Muddy monsters session!

Make Someone Laugh.

To celebrate Red Nose Day 2023 we, as a class, voted on the three best jokes and performed them in the Sea View Comedy Club. Sit back and enjoy the show...



Still image for this video


Year 3 have been learning about millilitres and litres during our Capacity and Volume work in Maths. 


We have been practising our skills on the glockenspiels. 3ML have had fun following the beat of 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley.

Year 3 Yoga!

We really enjoyed our Yoga sessions. Our sessions made us feel relaxed and calm. It was great fun too!

The Amazon Rainforest

3ML have been busy working in teams researching the Amazon Rainforest. We were then able to use our research to write our own fact file.

3D Shape

3ML enjoyed creating our own 3D shapes as part of our Maths work this week.

Looking fabulous for our Christmas Party!

Cave Art

During our topic on the Stone Age, we have been creating our own fabulous cave art. We made our initial designs in our Art and Design books then produced some wonderful work for our classroom.

Christmas Jumper Day!


As part of Anti-Bullying Week, we had fun choosing and wearing odd socks to show that it is good to be different.

Happy Halloween!

We had great fun dressing up for Halloween!


Our Stone Age Day was just fabulous! We made fire (safely!), we baked bread over a large fire, we looked at artefacts that Stone Age people would have used and we built shelters too. We had a really busy day and a great time!


We had a great time during our outdoor learning session. We used team-work and creative skills. We did get muddy but had lots of fun!

Art - Piet Mondrian

We have been learning about the artist PIET MONDRIAN.

We read the book 'Halibut Jackson' who is a very shy person and prefers not to be noticed at all. Therefore, he creates clothing to match his surroundings. We designed and painted outfits for Halibut to wear to a Mondrian exhibition.


We have been enjoying our PE sessions with our coach.

We have been working on football and team game skills.

Looking forward to a great year!

Welcome to Year 3

3ML   2022-2023

ROBIN HOOD - Our Debate

As part of our work on Robin Hood, we have worked in groups to debate whether he was a hero or an outlaw. We were able to discuss reasons for both sides of the argument but most of us decided that he was a hero. 

English - Our Robin Hood Debate

Red Nose Day

On Red Nose Day, 3ML wore red and non-uniform. We had a great day!

Science in 3ML

During our 'Forces and Magnets' topic in Science, we have been looking at a selection of magnets of different shapes and sizes. We investigated the answers to questions such as 'Which materials are magnetic?', 'Do magnets have to touch materials to work?' and 'What are the north and south magnetic poles?' 

We had great fun!

3ML thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day. We celebrated the story of 'There's a Rang-Tan in my Bedroom'. We enjoyed time in our library along with other book activities. We dressed up in our finest clothes and walked the red carpet during our 'Oscar's' celebration.

Diwali Day

We have been learning all about the Hindu festival of Diwali.  We enjoyed having our very own Diwali celebrations. We enjoyed making rangoli patterns.  We especially enjoyed our Hindu feast - we had curry, rice, chapattis and poppadoms.  We acted out the story of Rama and Sita through dance.  We learned about the significance of elephants for the Hindu people. We decorated our own elephants with sequins and other colourful materials.  We had a fabulous day!

Key Instant Recall Facts for Maths


These are the key instant recall facts for maths in Year 3.

Autumn Spellings

Story 41: I'm Not Invited?

During our first week in school, we explored the story 'I'm Not Invited?' We looked at the emotions and feelings surrounding what it feels like when you are left out of something. The children then created some super self-portraits showing themselves feeling a range of emotions.

Stone Age Day 2021

Wilderness Outdoor Education provided a whole day of outdoor learning on The Stone Age.  The children had a fantastic time, even though the weather wasn't wonderful.  As well as learning a LOT of information, the children made fire, baked bread, explored Stone Age tools and materials and built shelters.  A truly fantastic day was had by all.

Stone Age Boy

This term, our Quality Text in English is 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura. We are working through the book a small section at a time so that the children can become familiar with the story and enjoy exploring different aspects that the story has to offer. When we have finished reading the story, I will share a link to the book with you but as we are working towards the end, we would like all of the children to experience the same parts together.


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