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Year 2 BH

Welcome to 2BH!


In Year 2 we explore a broad and complex curriculum that inspires us to think creatively, write with passion and interest and solve mathematical problems.  Take a look at what we've been up to recently...

D.T.: Sewing!

We are in the process of designing and making our own pouches, inspired by our artist of the term, William Morris, and his floral pattern designs.

In preparation for making our pouches, we have started to learn how to sew! Here are a few pictures from our very first practise...

Science: Plants

We have been learning about what plants need to survive and how they grow. We planted our own seeds which we are looking after using what we know.


In one very messy lesson, we deconstructed a plant to investigate the different parts. This helped us to see how a bulb turns into a flowering plant. We labelled the parts of the plant that we had found.

Maths: Freckle

We love to learn using Freckle! We have fun practising our skills to earn lots of coins!

Science: Materials

We investigated different materials to find out which would be the best to use for the three little pigs' roof! We worked together to build our house and tested each roof by pouring on water like rain. We had lots of fun and found that slate would be the best roof for their house.

Investigating a plastic roof...

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The Tin Forest

Our English story book this half term has been 'The Tin Forest'. We have loved reading this book and it has inspired lots of our writing! We have written descriptions, newspaper articles and even dream diaries! We have each created a story map of the book ready to write our retell of this magical story!

The Tin Forest

Safer Internet Day 2022

We discussed the importance of being safe online and what is appropriate and safe for us to use the Internet for. We talked about the people in our life who we trust and who know us well and compared those people to others we might meet online.

We looked at relationship rings and chose where people in our life fit based on how well they know us.

Some advice for how to stay safe online...

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More tips on being e-safe...

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Editing Photographs in ICT

In ICT we have been learning about digital photography. We have learned about the history of photography, how to frame our photos and how to edit them! We used an online tool to edit a picture we had chosen inspired by our English book for this term 'The Tin Forest'. We tried the different effects and looked at how to change the contrast, brightness and clarity of the picture. It was so much fun!

Science Materials: Curly Wurly Stretch World Record!

As part of our materials topic, we have been looking at how the shape of objects can be changed by twisting, bending, squashing and stretching. As part of this, we attempted to break the world record for stretching a curly wurly to as long as possible in 3 minutes. We managed to stretch our curly wurly bars to up to 80cm!

Designing and making our own healthy wraps

As part of D.T., we looked into healthy and unhealthy foods. We found that some foods had hidden sugars in them which really surprised us!

After our research into foods, we began to design our own healthy wrap by tasting a variety of healthy foods and choosing good flavour combinations. Once we had designed our own wraps, we learned how to cut and made our designs come to life! They were delicious and very healthy!

Significant People: Mary Anning

We have been learning about significant people in history. An important woman we have looked at is Mary Anning who was a famous fossil hunter and collector. She found and identified many pre-historic fossils from the time of the dinosaurs. Her contribution to the world was very significant in history! To celebrate her and her work, we made out very own fossils!


In our P.E. sessions this half term we have been taking part in gymnastics! We have loved learning new balances, jumps and more!

STEM Learning Visit

We had the pleasure of meeting a visitor from STEM Learning who came into our class and taught us about different STEM jobs. We learned about about system engineers and the important jobs that they do. We practised using some of the skills needed to do their job by creating our own marble runs!
We solved problems, worked as a team and came up with imaginative ideas. It was so much fun!


We had a great time taking part in some outdoor learning! We learned how to use a compass and even used a map of our school to find hidden numbers and letters! It was a very exciting morning and we can't wait to use our new skills again soon.

Our wild reading corner!

We love to read in 2BH and we enjoy spending quiet time in our reading area.

Maths Investigations!

We love to learn about maths especially when we investigate ideas ourselves! In this lesson, we investigated different ways to partition numbers by sharing dragon scales. We did this with the help of our class book all about dragons!

Science Experiments!


We have been looking at animals (including humans) in science lessons. We learned about what animals need to survive and what they need to thrive. One of the things we learned about was good hygiene as a way to stay healthy. We looked at how important it is to wash out hands by using glitter to see how far germs spread. We also looked at the importance of washing our hands properly by experimenting with bread. We touched the bread with unwashed hands, washed with water hands and washed with soap and water hands. We were shocked by the results and could clearly see from the mould how much cleaner out hands were after water and soap!

Yellow Day!

Well-being is very important in school and in our class. We spent Yellow Day learning about feelings, how to treat others and what makes us special. We looked at the book 'Black All Around!' and looked at celebrating our own identities. It was a super day filled with relaxation activities and positive thinking!



We read 'The New Jumper' and learned about how we should celebrate our differences. We talked about how it is important to be ourselves because we are all unique and special in our own ways.

We drew our own characters from the book and designed our own jumpers that were all unique! We used different materials and colours to collage the jumpers. We also completed some writing about what makes us different, including our likes and dislikes.


Our Super P.E. lessons!


In P.E. we have been developing our running, jumping and throwing techniques. We played games, learned how to defend and found the most powerful ways to start and stop. We have looked at the effects of exercise on our body too!


September Attendance Award!

Our class had the highest attendance during September and won the attendance trophy!


Literacy: When the Dragons Came


Our class story this term is set in a perfect place called Poppledown Town... but the people who live there are in for a shock when dragons arrive! What will the dragons get up to? Will the people and the dragons ever be able to get along? We can't wait to find out!

The story so far...

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