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Year 2 JF

Welcome to Year 2JF!


We have settled in to our busy timetable in Year 2 and have enjoyed exploring the creative curriculum.  Take a look at what we have been up to...

Bean Thirteen

We used the story 'Unlucky Bean 13' to help us learn about sharing.  We counted out the correct number of beans and drew plates to share the beans between.  We counted each group to check they had the same and used words like equally to describe our successful sharing.

One Hundred Hungry Ants

In Maths we have been using the story '100 Hungry Ants' to help us learn about repeated addition and multiplication.  We explored all the ways we could arrange our ants into arrays and record the repeated addition.  We had lots of fun using raisins as ants to create groups of numbers.
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We have enjoyed exploring the religion of Judaism.  We looked closely at the Synagogue and the features inside.  We explored the role of the Rabbi as a leader of the faith and his wider role in the community.  We thought about why the Torah Scrolls are important to Jewish people and made our own with promises to be kind and helpful.
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We enjoyed exploring 3D shapes in Maths and loved making our own skeleton shapes using art straws.  We used our observational skills to record the properties of our shapes and even looked at the 2D shape faces that made up our shape.
We have been lucky enough to work with Northumbria University's STEM department and they came in to do a marble run workshop with us!  We learnt all about being a systems engineer and what skills you need to be good in this role. 
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