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School Governors

Community Governors

Mrs J. A. Carr   Chair 
  Mr. A. Newham   Vice Chair

Local Education Authority Governor  

Cllr. I. Malcolm  

Staff Governors

Mrs. J. Cunningham      Head Teacher
  Mrs. J. Smith    Teacher Governor
  Mrs. J. Turnbull    Co-opted


Mr. C, Walker



Mr. J Riggs

Parent Governors Mrs. V Rounthwaite          Co-opted

Mrs. S. Burgess



The Governing Board of Sea View Primary school works closely with the Head Teacher and leadership team to promote implement and maintain the highest standards of educational achievement for all pupils. The core functions of the Governing Body are:

 Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

 Holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and the performance of staff and;

 Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


Key issues and challenges faced by the Governing Board during 2015-16.

A significant development of the Governing Body (GB) has been in addressing the gaps identified in the skills audit at the beginning of the year. To this end new governors have been interviewed and appointed and governors have attended training.

The training has included Safer Recruitment and a very successful governors’ conference that focussed on analysis of Raiseonline and the latest Ofsted Framework. The success of the conference has led to it being an annual event.

The GB has continued to support and monitor the implementation of the teachers’ performance assessment process and its link to the pay bill.

The GB continues to support, challenge and monitor the Head Teacher’s performance review.

The governing body monitored its challenge of getting school under spend down to 5% of the overall budget with focus being on educational resource provision to support the move to an outstanding school.

A key challenge during the year was to monitor progress against the last OFSTED assessment of good with many outstanding areas to move to overall outstanding.

Another noteworthy challenge was to ensure the development of a middle management and leadership tier to support the move to an outstanding school.

The GB ensured the robustness of the new assessment approach and the embedding of the new curriculum so that the school continues on an upward path, in line with the School Improvement Plan.


Assessment of the Impacts of the Governing Body on the school during 2015-16

The reformation of the Governing Body (GB), with a redefined role description has brought a more professional and driven GB. The Governing Body’s skills coverage has led to greater involvement in the performance management of the school through constructive challenging of the school improvement plan and assessment tools. The two termly meetings have meant more governor time in schools as meeting are preceded by targeted actions such as school walks and link governor dialogues. This has identified areas for development and aspects of good practice as well as ensuring governors are visible and aware of the “real” school environment.

Close monitoring of the budget has allowed the school to set a challenging target of having a maximum 5% under spend of school budget (Local Authority/ DFE Target is 8%) This spend is also supported by key criteria set and monitored by the GB of what is the impact of any spend on the educational performance of pupils.

The respected senior and middle leaders attend meetings and present progress against key issues in the School Improvement Plan as well as sharing examples of their work. Governor questioning, children’s work and data reviews support governors in their monitoring.

The GB continue to support the recruitment of specialised staff to enhance the learning environment and to extend learning opportunities for all.

The impact of the GB has been supportive, strategic and in its role as a critical friend has helped the school justify action by focussing on the impact/outcomes of the actions.

The latest School Improvement Adviser’s Annual Report to Governors states that “The school should secure a judgement of outstanding overall effectiveness in the next inspection.


“ Composition of Governing Body.                                     Committees of the GB

 2 Parent Governors                                                        Resources

 1 Head Teacher                                                              HT Performance Group

 1 Staff governor

 1 Local Authority Governor

 5 Co-opted Governors


Chair of Governors                                                            Vice Chair of Governors

Mrs Julie Carr                                                                    Mr Anthony Newham