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Year 5 HC

Welcome to Year 5 HC!




We had a fabulous day celebrating the life of a wonderful boy. We wrote messages to Charlie on our padlocks , blew bubbles in the sky and ran to raise money for the Chuf Foundation.

Lockdown Champions!


Congratulations to our lockdown champions, who continued to produce work of an outstanding standard right throughout lockdown.


Well done to you all!

First day Back!


We had a fantastic first day back in school and it was so lovely to see all of the children's smiling faces. This afternoon we were faced with a mystery, our classroom had been transformed into a crime scene. Using our skills of inference and deduction we analysed the evidence to try and determine what crime had been committed and by who.


The children are all eager to continue to uncover the crime scene!

Good Morning Year 5,


We hope you are well and enjoy your home learning journey over the next two weeks. We are all here to help and support over class dojo and google classroom.


You can complete your tasks on the document provided on google classroom or alternatively you can complete the task in your green text book we have sent home.


Please remember the comprehension book that we have included in your pack will be set as part of a task so please do not complete this booklet until directed.


Work for Tuesday is going to be the following:



Revising short and long multiplication, which is split into three different colours,  complete the coloured work that you would usually complete in school. Work through the multiplication questions, using the green booklet to complete your working out in the short or long multiplication format and submit answers on the sheet in Google Classroom (Use Share/Turn in button).


Topic Writing:

This week we are going to be exploring the incredible Amelia Earhart. Read the PowerPoint and watch the video at the end and then use the facts that you have learnt to create an information poster. You can do this using the blank google doc or you can do this on a double page in your green textbook.

Please include: subheadings, bullet points and pictures.



Read through the PowerPoint and click on the links to watch the videos describing what life is like on the International Space Station. Use this information to present your research as a poster on either Google Docs or in the book in your pack. Don't forget to use subheadings to structure your research.


Please also remember, to complete your 30 minutes of Times Table Rockstars for this week as a minimum and continue to practice your spellings on this week’s homework page.


We would love to see the work that you are completing, please hand in the work using google classroom if you complete the work online. If you complete the work on paper, please take a photo and send it to us using class dojo.


Let us know if we can help you and we can’t wait to all be back in school together:)

Acts of Kindness


5HC have had a wonderful day to celebrate Children in Need. 

We listened to the story of 'The Snail and the Whale', which we thoroughly enjoyed. We then watched a clip showing random acts of kindness, which inspired us to do something to make ourselves and others feel good. 

We wrote kind messages on hearts for others to read, we made cards and drew pictures for people who we were grateful for and we completed 'caught you being kind cards' where the children could write a kind message to other children in the class.

The children loved taking part in these activities and it was great to see them all smiling when they were receiving their messages of kindness. 

Phases of the Moon

5HC had a fabulous afternoon exploring the phases of the moon. We used oreos to represent each phase of the moon. 



Hello Yellow Day

5HC read the book 'The Red Tree' where we explored the issues surrounding mental health, in order to raise awareness. The children were brilliant and were able to sympathise with the character in the book. They each gave the character a positive message of advice. Inspired by the story, we then wrote a short poem focussing on hope. 


The children have had a lovely day!

In the afternoon, we chose an image from the story where the character was trapped in a bottle and the children designed a contrasting image, which was filled with colour and hope of escaping. The children had a fantastic discussion and explained why they had chosen the design that they did. 

Hello Yellow Day - Friday 9th October.

On Friday we are going to explore the concept of Hope inspired by the stunning book , 'The Red Tree' by Shaun Tan. Follow the link below to have a sneak preview and look out for our fabulous work...

The Red Tree

Homework 2.10.2020

Hello Year 5,


For this week's maths homework, we have set sessions to complete on Times Table Rockstars (follow the link below ).


For this week's spelling homework, choose one activity from the grid to help you to practice your spellings.


For this week's english homework, use the picture to create a list of adjectives and adverbs to write powerful sentences.


We have also uploaded a new Homework Grid with fresh new challenges for you to complete!


Have Fun!

Jumping in Space Experiment

Today, we experimented how high we could jump in space. All of the children had a lot of fun working in groups to measure and record how high they could jump. We then used maths to work out how high we could jump if we were in Space!

Homework 25.9.2020



Hello Year 5,


For this week's maths homework, we have set a 'battle of the bands' on times table rockstars between our class and 5HM.


Let's see if we can beat them!


For this week's spelling homework, choose one activity from the grid to help you to practice your spellings.


Key Instant Recall Facts for Maths


These are the key instant recall facts for maths in Year 5.


  • Reception 94.76
  • Year 1 96.97
  • Year 2 96.10
  • Year 3 95.62
  • Year 4 95.38
  • Year 5 94.89
  • Year 6 95.10
  • Whole School:


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