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Year 5 LT

Welcome to Year 5 LT!



5LT travelled back in time to Anglo-Saxon England on their visit to Jarrow Hall in May. 


We learned all about Anglo-Saxon food and farming by visiting all the animals on the farm and experienced Anglo Saxon life in the Village Hall where we told riddles and listened to the famous Beowulf story around a fire.


Using our new knowledge about how Anglo Saxon houses were made, we then had a go at making our own using clay, hay, lolly sticks and cardboard. It was very messy but very fun!


Finally, we experienced crime and punishment Anglo Saxon style! Mrs Pape even ended up in the stocks. We left Jarrow Hall filled with information of how the Anglo Saxons used to live, and thankful that we don't have to experience any Anglo Saxon punishments!

Our Science topic for the spring term was Space. We had so much fun recreating the phases of the moon using Oreo cookies. It took all of our willpower not to snack on our moon masterpieces! 
As part of our Design and Technology Bridges topic we visited the Discovery Museum in Newcastle. There was lots to explore and discover and we learned all about the history of bridges in Newcastle and their importance.
After our visit to the Discovery Museum we were set the challenge back at school to design a sturdy bridge which could hold the weight of a toy car. We were given a budget of £20 to buy our materials. Every group successfully built a bridge strong enough to hold one toy car. Some held several toy cars! We are architects in the making! 

World Book Day this year was Roald Dahl themed.

Check out our fantastic fancy dress costumes! Can you guess who we are?

We loved making death masks and foil art as part of our Ancient Egypt themed art day.

Thankyou to all the family members and friends who joined us on the Friday! We hope you enjoyed the activities. 

In year 5 we visited ASDA to look at different types of chocolate as market research. We compared prices, designs and flavours to help us design our own chocolate bars as part of our Charlie and the Chocolate factory,  Aztec and DT topics. We were very excited by the baking aisle where we got to price up ingredients for our own chocolate bar! 
We then came back to school and designed our chocolate bars and wrappers, thinking carefully about our target audience and branding.