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Year 5 HC

Welcome to Year 5 HC!


Year 5 had a fabulous visit to Jarrow Hall, where we travelled back in time to the Anglo Saxon period. 


First, we learned all about Anglo Saxon houses and how they were made, we then had a go at making the houses using clay, hay, lolly sticks and cardboard. 


We then experienced Anglo Saxon crime and punishment first hand. Some of us were called up in front of a village moot to decide if we were guilty or not. Miss Chambers even ended up in the stocks and we got to throw fruit and vegetables at her.


5HC had so much fun and left with so much knowledge we could never have learnt in the classroom. 

As part of our science topic, we investigated phases of the moon using Oreo cookies.
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Picture 2
We had a great time visiting the Discovery Museum as part of our Bridges topic. We found out a lot of information about the bridges across Newcastle and the importance of them over time. We were given a budget to design and make our own bridge, which was a challenge. 
Year 5 had a fabulous time at the Open Zone learning about this year's Lego league. We used coding to program a robot to complete different missions. Some of us got to have a turn at completing missions on the Lego league table and we succeeded! We can't wait to find out who will be part of the Sea View Lego league team.